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making a list...too late

If you want a gift for Christmas that can only be found in say, Japan or some other million mile away country, it's best to tell the person who would be buying it for you sometime BEFORE DECEMBER 7th!

I'm trying to find this book for Justin. Every site I go to, the price ranges from 41$ to 73$. The one site that has it in stock and can get it to my by Christmas, does not take my preferred payment method.

What's frustrating is this would be the present to give him, because he really, really wants it. And now, for waiting so long to give me his list, he is going to end up with a lump of coal.

I hate shopping.


yeah, I get the same thing....late lists or requests that cannot conceivably be filled on time. So, the guilty party gets a beautifully wrapped box with an IOU that details when said gift can be expected. I guess that's a lil prettier than coal, same idea?

So, give it to him as a Kwanzaa present, and tell him you were just trying to honor ALL cultures!

Found this for you Michele. It's still $55, but it seems they can get it to you rather quickly and they accept most forms of payment. You've probably already seen it though... Good luck!

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