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no more

I know I'm not the only one feeling it. Misha has covered it this week, as has Den Beste and Andrea.

I was going to let it go; let my feelings about the Palestinians and Arafat just go quietly into the night, without opening myself up to email from people who will accuse me of being unfeeling and dark hearted.

I saw this and cringed.

I still don't understand how someone can victimize the Palestinians. The author of the above-linked article tries to get us to feel the plight of the people put out of their homes by Israeli tanks, but I'm not feeling it.

She mentions the people who were killed Tel Avivin the latest murderous show of aggression by terrorists, but she states, "This is the result of the ilegal Israeli occupation of Palestine, where the people are being squeezed to the point of explosion." As always with people like this writer, the victims of terroristic violence are not really victims, but deserving targets.

The wall is 8 metres high and 10 metres deep. The house demolition is somehow justified by the Israeli government as a necessity for the construction of this apartheid wall.

Apartheid? I think not. What other recourse does Israel have now? They have thus far refused to cave into the Hamas mentality of indiscriminate killing. You do not see IDF soldiers or civilian Israelis decked out in suicide gear with the goal of killing women and children. The cornered Arafat at one point, but did not kill him. And the bombings continue, the terrorism continues, the explosives laced with nails continue to be set off.

And what good would it do to kill Arafat anyhow? There are only others lined up to take his place. Others who will probably be fiercer and more callous and more murderous. Others who will not be satisfied until ever Israeli man, woman and child is dead.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The Palestinians live in a culture of violence. Build a wall around them. Keep them behind that wall and when they can't get out to kill Israelis, they will start killing each other.

They teach their children to hate. They raise them to be terrorists. They take pride in dressing infants in suicide gear. They hold school pageants where children walk around with bloody hands, pleased with themselves for portraying the death of innocent Israelis. The mothers weep with joy when their sons die in the line of terrorism, for they have acheived martyrdom, will be greeted by the virgins and the mothers can accept their blood money. They are congratulated when their sons and husbands kill. They dance with joy when babies are slaughtered in their beds.

A culture of hate. A culture of violence. There is no hope, no future for the Palestinians as long as their legacy is clouded with teaching of death and destruction.

They do not deserve, nor will they ever get, my sympathy. I do not feel for them. I do not wish them well.

I wish for one moment that they would feel the sorrow and pain of death that these families have, instead of the misguided glory they feel.

I wish them a giant impenetrable wall.


I have this weird image lately, of the Palestinians being like Sleeping Beauty. They'll sleep behind the wall for years, and someday they'll wake up and things will be different. I think about this because when I think about killing all of them, I'm still not able to complete the thought, so it turns into a fairy tale.

Palestinians may not have in reality built the wall, but by their own actions they have created the reason for it. Before they try to play the role of the victim, perhaps they should all take a good, long look in the mirror. By tolerating and enabling suicide bombers with their silence, they have assumed responsibility.

They deserve to be walled off from the rest of the civilized world. I hope they enjoy the view.

To me, the interesting thing about the bloody deadlock in Israel is the failure of any form of conflict-resolution theory to be able to grapple with it. That's not because of problems inherent to conflict-resolution theory as we have it from giants like Herman Kahn and Thomas Schelling, but because the postulates that underpin rational conflict analysis don't apply to the Palestinians, for whom there is no price too great to pay, including their own extinction, for the destruction of Israel. (For more on this, see Reason, Death, and Unholy Desire)

The peace-at-any-price crowd is up against a genocide-at-any-price crowd. To call this an "impasse" would be an understatement for the centuries. Ultimately, it will be quarantine or wholesale slaughter; no other outcomes are possible.

Best Wishes for the New Year.

"As always with people like this writer, the victims of terroristic violence are not really victims, but deserving targets."

Kinda reminiscent of Principal Asshole, isn't it?

others who will not be satisfied until every Israeli man, woman and child is dead.

jewish. not just israeli. all of the jews.

True. But their bombs also kill Arab Muslim Israelis and Druze Israelis and Christian Israelis and atheist Israelis...

In other words, as much as they're single-minded about hating Jews, they're not real big fans of pluralism either. Especially since the Arab Israeli minority enjoys democratic rights that no other Arab country (save for Turkey) even comes close to touching.

Israeli Arabs fully participating in a pluralistic liberal democracy is probably a horrifying idea to them, too, since it makes their own muddled "political" mess look so much worse by comparison. They still haven't managed to explain how if Israelis are so eeeevil that there are a number of Israeli Arabs who are elected members of the Knesset.

Michele, you missed the part of the article where the author contends that because they have 80% unemployment they must seek employment from Israelis. Why do they have 80% unemployment? That's also the Jews' fault; it's because of the closures. That's not Gaza, it's down the rabbit hole with bizarro reasoning. Have you ever noticed that they get cause and effect jumbled up and sometimes can't sort them out? It looks like an effect of brainwashing.

>I wish them a giant impenetrable wall.

Fill it with water.

Quarantine? I think not: that basically says, Palestinians are the enemy forever and are irredeemable.

We need something more. It'll be a risk, but if we can bring it off, it'll be the biggest thing since the conversion of Imperial Japan. If you want to know more, you'll have to buy a ticket... (go to my blog. ;) )

agreed, but I don't have much in the way of sympathy for either side.

Walls are good. Walls with built-in "come within 100 feet" flame throwers are even better.

I was GOING to fisk both the "article" and the response by the revisionist "gringo", but I caught myself before I wasted my time. Why bother? These are truly people who just don't get it.

I honestly don't understand their mindset. I just don't.

I wish the same for a warmonger of your calibre, and all the 747's your families can eat.

You say that shit, and you wonder why the lack of sympathy, Tom?

People who wish death and destruction on those that attack innocents I understand.

People who wish death and destruction on those they disagree with are idiots.

Just remember that when you wish things on "the Palestinians" you're wishing it on the innocent among them too.