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dream sequence

In my dream last night, someone's grandmother was killed with an ax which I carelessly left on the stairs. Her dog was also killed with the ax, and there was a trail of blood and guts up and down the hallway.

The dream also involved Mike of Cold Fury teaching me how to play hockey; my attempted robbery of a store selling nothing but marshmallow easter bunnies; Jerry, Elaine and Kramer trying to convince me to buy them candy and my ex-husband following me around making a general pest of himself. It was exhausting. I woke up tired.

There was one part of the dream where I was looking at a book on my nightstand. I've read this book in waking life before and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the book or the author.

It told the story of a bunch of messengers who worked in a big city. One of the messengers used a skateboard instead of a bike, and I think there was a girl on skates.

They somehow got involved in something they shouldn't have, and in the end there were bomb threats and chases and.....I don't really remember except for the fact that I really enjoyed this book.

Sound familiar? Anyone?

Five cups of coffee and a hot shower should bring me around to regular blogging status.


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I dunno... My deams, at least the ones I remember, have a real slow pace, because I work out character motivations as I go. Does yours do that? Stop as a illogical part appears, explain WHY the person does this, rewind, then replay the scene?

So I usually end up with a all-night (I assume) epic saga that fades within minutes.

I mean, how many dreams involve a failed infiltration of a pre-war military base by underground 'sculpted humans' in a post-apocolptyic world in which magic is the mental manipulation of leftover war-nanotechnology that floats in the air and is still being produced by a comatose but dreaming hive-mind computer made up of aforementioned nanites who can affect real-world events so that they reflect the dream?

Oh, and it had 3 main characters, 5 supporting characters, at least 3 nations, and I was planning how the side-character who narrowly escaped death by pack of rabid animals at a debtor's farm was going to develop in the next chapter and meet the main character when I woke up.

I think he was supposed to provide shelter during a future chase scene, but I dunno.

So I read too many books. Sue me :)

P.S. I'm simplifying the above horribly because the description was getting too long.

Crazy. Well, listen to this one I had the other night. I live in D.C., about 10 blocks from the White House. I was in one of those semi-sleep/semi-awake phases where the lines b/t dream and reality are a little blurry. Anyway, I heard a loud crash outside (which I think I really heard b/c they are building a new apartment complex next door to me), then (dream part starts here) my window busted open and nuclear wind swept through my apartment vaporizing me. So I lay there vaporized, scared to move b/c I'm now made of dust, and I don't want to fall apart. The pisser (literally) is that I have to go the bathroom (I think this was real), but I don't want to get up b/c if I move, I'll fall apart, then I consider the alternative --if I piss my pants I will turn into a mud puddle. Hmm. Dust. Mudpuddle. I'll take dust. So I got up (really) to go to the bathroom, and realized I wasn't nuked at all

Play hockey? Good lord, I never played (or watched) hockey in my life. What the hell IS a blue line, anyway? Now, if you want to learn to ride a motorcycle, or play piano, I'm your guy.

I won't even go into my intense and heartfelt disappointment over the fact that there was no sexual component to this. Some dream. Hmmph.

I just didn't blog that part, Mike.

Maybe I'll tell you later.

Ryan, sounds like a good book to me...

Cool! :D

Was it a science fiction book? Could have been Neil Stephenson's Snow Crash. The protagonist, Hiro Protagonist, is a Musician/Programmer/Pizza Delivery Ninja, and his love interest is YT, a hot-shot courier on an intelligent, powered skateboard.

The bad guy is a TV preacher who is....but no. That would be telling.

Cyborg dogs; man-portable, nuke-powered railguns with buggy software; Poor Impulse Control; and computer viruses that infect the user. Great read, although not my favorite Stephenson.

Definitely sounds like Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash.

Michele, that book does sound somewhat familiar to me. I remember reading a book about messengers (bike or rollerblade or skateboard). There was a guy who tried to deliver a disk but got in some trouble. There was a girl named Pixie or something. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the book and I don't have it with me. Does that sound like the book you're talking about?

Theresa, that sounds exactly like it. This is going to kill me if I don't think of the name.

I haven't dreamed about Mike in over a week...

Same here! I seem to remember the title was some weird word that the guy kept saying throughout the book. Some sort of slang or something. I'm busily combing the 'net for the title, because I can't go on with my day until I know.

Why do I always dream about being at Disney World or Epcot? Except I'm almost always by myself (no family), and the configuration of everything is different. One night it's like a cheap carnival, another it's in a mall, another night it's just out of reach in downtown Orlando and my 3-yr-old has wandered away and I can't find her. The most recent one had be looking for familiar rides and they're all out of place, or different configurations, sometimes there are musems or bookstores...

Wierd, huh?

That definitely sounds as Snow Crash, by NEal Stephenson. There are other novels involving messengers and postapocalyptic informatic societies living in a bridge, but Snow Crash is the only one to feature a Hiro that delivers pizza and a YT messenger on board.
The other one that features cyberpunk imagerie is John Nemonic, and it involves messengers as well, but she has a bike covered in artificial rust, and there are fractal knives and stuff like that.
Go with Snow Crash.

theresa you rock

cool lol!