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under the influence

I found this site in my referral logs. It says that this very weblog is one of the most influential. I don't know exactly what it means by influential, but if you have all turned into comic book reading, action figure collecting, stuffed crust pizza eating, video game playing, tequila drinking, cartoon watching, porn surfing, ted rall hating, katana waving, horror movie watching, blood thirsty warmongering, kevin parrot stalker, I apologize.

I did not mean to influence you.



Bad news, hon...

I actually relinquished my full-time trolling responsibilities here for an hour or so, shockingly enough, and even bothered to update my own site with meaningful (well, long-winded) content for the first time in ages.


Seems your influence is slipping.

I don't hate anybody. I just like to make fun.

Sorry, Michele! For whatever it was I did...


But you'll need to convince a few other people to link to the same now.

Well if you switch "blood thirsty warmongering, kevin parrot stalker" with "bloodthirsty wargaming, Charlotte Church stalker" then that'd be me down cold.

Who's Ted Rall? If you hate him then I hate him. Ex husband or something?

You forgot about cunnilingus fairy fan!!