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some guys have all the luck

I don't get it.

I expend so much energy on hating Ted Rall and who gets the recognition for being a Rall hater? Mike. Not only that, but Mike also gets an email from Coop. I've practically kissed Coop's very ass on this site.

All I get is hate mail from people who can't spell. I want email from people who can't draw!

Oh, and regarding that TCJ thread, if Rall ever did a collaboration on an issue of Too Much Coffee Man it would shatter my entire world.


I couldn't draw a stick figure to save my life. What do you want the email to be about?

Guess I better stop sending you email then.


At least you get hatemail!

Nobody dares send hatemail to me, apparently.

Look, just ask and you shall receive. I can't draw either.

What sort of hatemail would your imperalistness like? I'm flexible.