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from the desk of saddam

According to news sources, Saddam is sleeping easy at night. He has that whole "don't worry, be happy" thing down to a science.

Said Saddam: "I sometimes can't sleep when there is an idea going around in my head that I haven't put on paper," Saddam said, "but I fall asleep as soon as I've got up to write it down."

Thanks to my inside sources, I was able to obtain a page from the notepad that Saddam keeps on his nightstand for that very purpose.

What the Iraqi leader thinks about at night:



Hee hee!!!

He's gonna be pissed when he realises he's out of milk

Do you think he ever reads your blog? I wonder if he would have the balls to go up against you in the "spit it out" area!

What more proof does anyone need to show he's a loser? Dumb MF bettin on the Raiders!