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this time it's personal

Over. Done. Finished.

Leaving the previous post here was like giving life support to a patient who doesn't want to live.

I pulled the plug and the poor bastard is dead.


Thank you for removing the evidence that I'm gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that, I was just afraid of what would happen when my wife heard about it.

And, I just had to note, isn't it funny how those who leave the most strident comments most often are unwilling to stand behind them ... by putting a real name and/or e-mail address with them?

Talk about your tainted arguments...

Dammit, and I just got in a good dig at someone whose cunt was self-described as beautiful.

Time to go leave more pointless, begging-to-be-deleted comments all over the blogosphere...

"C-u-n-t, everyone's accusing me..."