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poll vaulting: i want a new peep!

peep1.jpgAccording to Dave Barry - who has a very funny blog now, and whose puppy motif can be blamed on Ken Layne - there is a celebration at hand which I would be remiss in not commenting on.

It is the 50th anniversary of Peeps, those disgusting marshmallow chickies (and other assorted shapes and animal type things) that come in more colors than Jesse Jackson's rainbow.

Did you know there was a Lord of the Peeps movie?

As for official peeps, there are the ubiquitous chicks, hearts, stars, pumpkins, gingerbread men, bunnies, cream stuffed eggs, cats, ghosts, Christmas trees and snowmen.

Ah yes, you saw a poll coming, didn't you? It's time to vote for a new peep.


You know boobie peeps would be the perfect gift for Lew!!

Your daughter is Queen of Peeps...

I simply had to vote for the Jesus peep cause if your going to invent a new peep why shouldn't it be sacreligious? Yes, maybe I do have a morally questionable sense of humor :)

Boobie Peeps!! Boobie anything though so what does it really matter!! Missed you today. :(

I always wanted to make appropriate names for the various shapes. "Hops" for the bunnies, "Boos" for the ghosts. Hmmm, is there a pattern developing here?

Boobie peeps... the only logical choice! The other items don't seem soft and squishy and lacking in detail enough to become a marshmallow creation, ya know?

I'm thinking of Euro-weenie peeps. Soft, insubstantial, malleable, forgettable, seemingly sweet but leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Merci.

boobie peeps would be SO perfect!

i LOVE peeps! i have a package of gingerbread peeps in my pantry, some vanilla hearts at work and a few assorted packages in my freezer :) mmm, frozen peeps! almost as good as slighty stale peeps :)

eat more peeps!

Dave has a blog! WHOO_HOO! Is that REALLY him? But gads, he must rid himself of the puppies-lol!

Voltron peeps! Of course, I do have that "filing techniques" page bookmarked. :)

At work, we have a contest to see who can do creative things with peeps. So far, I have created "Pope Peep" with papal hat (made out of an index card), white robe (made out of tissues), and the pope mobile .. which is a corvette convertible Matchbox car.

I have also done "Queen LaPeepa" (in reference to Queen Latifah). She only has a huge cylindrical hat on her head made out of an index card.

Ugh, I said "she" in reference to a peep. How weird.

It's amazing what you can do with office supplies, though.