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i'm a bad samaritan

MG totally kissed my ass in blogwhore today. No, that's not really how it went. He made me feel guilty that I joined BadSam and haven't posted in a year.

Maybe I'll drop in there again. Meanwhile, here's my MG mucha lucha guy.

mg.gifBadSam is a good place to find some excellent writing and thought provoking posts. And don't forget, they're last in line for the Nobel Peace Prize, first in line for pie.

My kind of guy, that MG is. Even if he did make me go to a vegetarian restaurant where I came thisclose to embarassing him and ordering a burger, well done.

Now that that's out of the way, I have a question. Where the hell are all the commenters today? Slowest.Day.Ever. Are you all hungover or have I lost my mojo?


Honey, you KNOW your mojo is in your tits.

And be careful, someone is planning on calling the UN to investigate your boobs. Rumor has it they are weapons of mass destruction.

or is that erection? ;)

Things are slow all over. I think it's the Post-Holiday Blues.

My daughter's been here trying to talk me into paying for her wedding...I've been trying to convince her it's a big waste of money & to go somewhere nice for her honeymoon instead.

Besides, she gets mad when I blog or post comments while she's trying to talk to me.

Except for all the Bloggie bitching, things seem really slow everywhere. Where forth art thou obsessive commenters?

Waiting for Armageddon makes one sluggish.

Personally I have been in computer hell for two daze now and so far have gotten NO WHERE. I have a problem and it's not JUST that my brilliant computer guru of a husband is out of town. It's all about ME right now in my little corner of the Raguzu world...............fucking inanimate objects that so control such a large part of my life (mostly my fucking media system!!!!!!!!!)

Lets not mention "Bad Sam" and "not posting"... I'm pretty sure last time I checked my login had been revoked anyway.

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