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This strep throat is not only killing my energy, it's killed my brain power. I started to write news-related posts four times today and deleted them all. I think I'll just stick to linking to other blogs for the rest of the afternoon.

Oh, there's this first.

I've been thinking about spiffing this place up a bit. I've seen some sites that have nifty little smiley faces and other assorted icons built into their comments and I go back and forth between wanting them and not wanting them.

I like to think of this site as yours as well as mine. Just one big old democracy in action. So I made a poll to determine whether I should put the code in or not.


Don't make me kick your ass.

Democracy? hee hee hee hee ha ha ha ha oh my god rofl hee hee tears hee hee ha ha sneeze ha ha hee hee fart hee hee wetting my shorts ha ha ha ha hee hee can't reach the keyboard from the floor

Thanks for the laugh, Michele.

Shit, I was trying to vote for Avril Rulz but it wouldn't work. Jeez!

Last night I modified the MT code to add smilies to my comments and it actually works fairly well. I'd be glad to send it to you and the 400+ smileys I downloaded from a German site if you'd like.

Yeah... I thought of venemous little angy icons would be SO YOU... so I'm gonna vote...

Oh. I see I'm not the only one who voted "Nuke France."

Under federal law, it's actually illegal to insert smilies into your website comments without first complying to the following regulations:

1) The addition must fuck up your comments code intially for a minimum period of three days

2) The user must adopt the internationally recognised 'fuckwit' dialect, which necessitates gratuitous misspelling with no real abbreviative purpose. eg. 'kewl'...

3) It is essential that all posts pertaining to politics, ethics, religion or books without pictures must be deleted, and replaced by at least one entry regarding Justin Timberlake. This entry must not contain ANY punctuation.

4) The user must remove the key frontal lobes of the brain, and any other non-essential areas pertaining to intelligent thought, and sell them immediately so as not to risk reinserting them at a later date. Reciepts will be required. Documentation from such sites as eBay is also acceptable.


Naw =e=, I did too. But before we do, can I have enough time to get some spares for my Peugeot out first? Thanks =e=, you're a dear.

Deathtojustintimberlake. There-number3iscovered!

Okay, screw that "I'm a stupid idiot if I have smilies in my site" - I did it because I wanted to learn how, and because I'm not really a "LOL" or ROFL" kind of girl. I did it without screwing my site up. I did it like this. So there. Michele, you should add them - there are vomiting smilies out there just waiting for you!

I'll not give up until there are Zim head smilies on every blog!

What? Start with my own site? Are you INSANE?

Hope you feel better!

No smileys...but, unless you're morally opposed, it'd be cool if you'd ping weblogs.com and whatnot (if that's easy for you).

Granted, you post a gajillion times a day, so there's usually a good chance there's something new.

Hi, by the way, I love your blog!

An ancient Chinese treatment for strep is pizza. Get healthy and feel good in a timely fashion.

Hey, when you're done with yours, would you consider redoing mine? I'm technically inept, and desperately in need of something...I'm just not quite sure what. ;o)

Michele, smiley faces just don't seem to be you. The lion's roar maybe.

whoever left that note about klinkfamily.com is right.

none of the smilies there that i like are actually smiling, but the one that turns around and moons you is cute, and the one beating the other over the head with a stick cracks me up. and, well, the guinness guzzling one, of course...

but i still have to go with nuke france.

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