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you still won't hear

Powell's show and tell session is not getting high grades from the anti-war faction. But no one really expected them to jump ship. Even with Powell presenting pictures and audio and everything but a shoebox diorama, the naysayers still had their fingers in their ears, yelling "lalallalalala I can't hear you!"

I was checking out Democratic Underground to see what they had to day. Same shit, different day. You could show these people a giant nuclear facility in the middle of the Iraqi desert and they would tell you it's a mosque.

And thusly, I am reminded of these Faith No More Lyrics:

If I speak at one constant volume
at one constant pitch
at one constant rhythm
right into you ear
you still won't hear
you still won't hear

Keep your fingers in your ears, guys. Keep those blinders on. Keep spouting your denials and disbelief.

If our government decides to go the way of appeasement just like you want them to, you'll be begging our soldiers to help you as the smoke rises from the wreckage of your city.


So true...those DU whackos would still be in denial even if Saddam nuked somebody.

France, Germany, Russia, et al., are betting that it won't be their cities that go boom. They are not our friends, and France, at least, is an enemy, and should be treated as such.

I'm thinking Cold War II, against the French, and anyone else that wants a piece of it. I'm sick of the self-righteous bastards.

Riyadh delenda est!

I've made some comments in the past that I wanted the administration to make the case for going to war with Iraq, and that I was not satisified with the crap they had put forth for public consumption. That is until today. Powell made the case in clear and convincing terms of how the Iraqi regime is in violation of the UNSC resolutions.
Clear and imminent threat case has been made to me.

I still hope it doesn't come to war ... but Saddam must go, and if it has to be war, then it has to be.

Well said Michele!

(Plus, you made me remember dioramas with fondness and longing)

I must say that I'm anti-war. But when there's hard evidence (I'm assuming something new has happend, I just woke up) and the U.N. says "go for it" I'm all for blowing the bastard into a million pieces, but not before then.

Dubya can't just make up his own laws, there's international protocol to be followed as I understand. Going in just because he wants to doesn't make him much better than Saddam & that other slimy prick in hiding.

Since Powell is pretty much the only person in the current admin that I respect, believe, and somewhat trust, his words today have weight and substance with me.
Had it come from anyone else, I probably would not have believed it.
Now, to make sure all my survival kits are prepared..............
it's going to be a bumpy ride.

What I dont understand is how those at DU are so quick to listen to the UN and not the people who represent the US. They are also quick to side with what Iraq says. Its amazing. And it is not a left-right issue; many of those on the left support a 'war.' You must remember that this guy could help his own people by complying in the first place. By not complying the restrictions got harsher and he did nothing to help the CHILDREN or the sick.
He has been defying the UN more than the US.
Then again, maybe we should have let him take over Kuwait in the first place.....

i wish i could live in the fantasy world of these flaming liberals. i wish it easy for me to believe that everybody is nice and peaceful and the world is a big meadow of flowers and pretty things. but alas i live in reality and the reality is that the world is not a nice place and sometimes people do have to go to war and perish the thought but sometimes people will even die in a war. i am very sorry to have shattered the perfect utopia that some people live in.

rupert...i am to the left of you and i still think that the world is shit. we are definitely headed to war and despite the obvious intelligence of your statements, a lot of liberals accept this.

but you have shattered the perfect utopia that i was living in...that all conservatives know how to use proper punctuation.

And you've just shattered mine, that both sides know to use capital letters at the beginning of sentences, undertoad (pardon, I'm afraid my pedant is showing.)

pedantic point well-taken! could i get away with shunning the upper case as a political statement?

alliteratively, alas....apologists adhering argumentatively to aberrant abasements abide abjectively. in other words...don't throw shade on me with your blanket statements. some liberals read as many points of view as they can get their grubby little hands on. gross stereotypes are just not sporting (like me jumping on your punctuation...get it?).

and if i was out of line...just like a liberal i retract it all....you are fabulous, dahlink!!!

Wow, is it just me or have you referenced BOTH Mr. Bungle and Faith No More in about a week's time? Groovy.

Sylvain, if you're saying you don't trust Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, etc., will you at least give them credit for WINNING THE COTTON-PICKIN CHICKEN-PLUCKIN COLD WAR?

well i may be the only discerning member of the panel here but what did Powell show today at the UN?

1. 3-d renderings of a mobile, chemical lab (photos would have definitely made the case).

2. satellite photos - one showed CG overlays that told us what the photo entailed " a bulldozer, a DEcontamination facility, and 2, 36-ton trucks". if that showed anything, it showed that Iraq has a need for DEcontamination. Because they need to DEcontaminate doesn't necessarily mean they are able to CONtaminate.

3. footage of a supposed iraqi jet spraying, in Powell's words,"simulated anthrax". hmmm.....

4. video footage of inspectors in street clothes and with their bare hands, inspecting cases that contained WMD. double hmmm....

In this day and age, anyone who dissents against public opinion is considered un-patriotic and "with them". I lvoe this country but I'm open-minded and can think for myself (thankyavermuch).

What I saw today was a man who had the greatest burden of proof ever, and he didn't meet it. And just when he was finished, other nations were getting ready to cross-examine him but we didn't see it. in any trial, which this was, the cross-examination is just as crucial as the plantiff's case. why? it generates truth and facts.

yep it's true. there are 2 sides to every story. as citizens, we only seem to get one; ours.

i dont think it would have been good for public opinion had we as citizens been able to witness the accountability that the rest of the world is holding us to. but no, every single US network carrying Powell's speech switched back to the anchors in the studio. it was assumed that we as a nation either didn't care, wouldn't be interested, or wouldn't know what to do with the information had it been broadcast. big mistake

the reason why other nations are not with us in this war is because they know what's going on. they know that as a nation we are broke and to fix it we are on the verge of sending a region of the world into complete and total chaos. we sold off all of our manufacturing ability long ago to the nation who could bid the highest. and no nation, without the means to manufacture, will last for long. sure we've been sold on the ideals of our "service economy" but that hasn't gotten us anywhere. economically, we are all but bankrupt (and heading there fast) and the taxes that you and i pay into the system can't even pay the interest on the debt loans that our government has gotten us into. so they're trying to pay them off with our social security (which is why the thousands of dollars that you and i have paid into THAT fund won't be there when we try to access it...regardless of whether you think you will need it or not the fact is, you won't get the money that you put into it).

so what's a nation to do? better start turning your imports into exports. our largest import is oil. there is enough crude oil in the middle east that, if consumed at the rate that we as a world currently consume oil, it would last for 500 years. that's a lot of $$$. it's a booty for sure and a quick fix they say.

but it won't be quick. how long have we been looking for bin laden (after we were told it would last 6 months at the longest)? you want to see WMDs? (wait till Israel gets into the picture with their Nukes). there'll be so much shit going on over there, perpetuated by us, that the world economy will be turned upside down. add to that the many al qaeda sleeper cells that our government says are in this country and you're going to have shit for breakfast every single day for god knows how long.

there are incredible changes taking place in this world. life as we know it is about to change drastically forever. it kills me that everyone but america sees it. all the UN is doing is trying to hold us accountable for the consequences that america is about to send the world into.

i see that as accountability. not dissension or "tree-hugging".

"All war is based on deception." -- Sun Tzu, the Art of War

first off thanks for pointing out that i didn't capitalize or use punctuation gee i would have never noticed if thats the only argument you fools could come up with then i rest my case and as for oneflightdown all i can say is "ok sure" or "yeah thats the ticket, you hit it on the head" or maybe even "your a idiot". I'm not sure which is best?