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thank you

After rooting through my folders for half an hour, I finally discovered that tomorrow is the official two year anniversary of this blog.

My first entry was about buying Reservoir Dogs action figures.

I know I promised lots of celebratory fun, but these nasty infections have knocked me out and left me humorless most of the week. I'll try to get back on the fun wagon tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who has been with me for any part of the past two years. It's been an interesting ride and an incredible learning experience. I started out doing this for me - now it's about you, too. I love doing this. I love having you here.

I feel like I should be whipping out a yearbook for you to sign.

Really, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing every aspect of my life with me, even the stuff I probably shouldn't be sharing in a public space. You're all a part of this weblog, whether you like it or not. Even the trolls, the negative commenters and the people who constantly bait me into arguments. I will kill you my fierce love!

I don't know where that came from.

Anyhow, happy anniversary to me, and thanks for coming.

There's donuts and coffee in the kitchen.


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Congrats! You've gained quite a following in two years. You are indeed the sheld-maiden of the blogosphere, the blogosphere's clockwork peach, Eowyn with a URL, etc. - you're my Republican babe of the week every week (you know - figuratively speaking)

shield-maiden of the blogosphere, that is - whoops

Hey, Happy Anniversary, and THANK YOU for all the interesting reading.

Congratulations, Michele. Keep up the good work!

Happy 2nd; here's hoping for many more (before you get sick of us!).


Michele ... brava! Congratulations on your two year anniversary. I normally just observe quietly lurking within the pixels to absorb the words, whether serious or humorous ... always informative. Today I speak up to simply say: Brava!

i was wondering if someone could tell me where he/she got his/her script for making this free comment thing right on your site. is it cgi or something else? is it your own script or not? i know there are tons of these out there and i really want one for my website too. eMail me with 'code' in the subject line or something. thanks.

Happy blogiversary!!!

mmm, donuts

Better to be the shield-maiden than the maiden-shield... the pricks are less likely to bust ya...

You are it, Michele. You rock.
I want you.
I must. have. you!

Woo!! 2 years! Congrats!

What? No chocolate donuts left?
snaps fingers


Biba Anniversary, Michele
I'm nuevo to this, BUT you really make my
day after reading you in the mornings with my coffee...Again Congrats on your anniversary..Keep Up the appreciated discussions...

happy anniversary, michele (i so almost put to l's in there.. eeep)

I came late to your party, but have surely enjoyed it. Thanks for throwing one every day. Congrats.

Happy Blogiversary, Michele! You are da bomb!
raises tequila shot in salute
Keep it coming, that's all I can say!

if i were to sign your yearbook i might write something touching, expounding on the years of joy and love we have shared, much like this:


Happy Anniversary! Two years, wow - ASV is a classic.

Thanks for the coffee.

Happy 2nd!! We Bitches are so very glad that you are here in the blogosphere. We all enjoy your site.

Congrats! I am pleased to have been sucked in to the phenomenon of ASV. :)

Happy Blogiversary :)

You know we love you too!

H A P P Y A N N I V E R S A R Y ! ! !

May you have many many many more!!!

Ok, but if there's no 1/2 & 1/2 for the coffee I am sooooo out of here.

Congrats on 2 years. I guess it's time to check the archives & see what's going on around here. :)

I can only hope my site can keep my interest that long.


And to think I lost my bloginity to you! Sigh:)
Congratulations to you and to us! Nice to have you in our world. xo

Happy Anniversary, Michele. The blogosphere is a better place with you in it.

But I still think you're a scary broad.

Congratulations, Michele! Hope I make it two years. Here's to many more!

Two years...Yikes!...seems like only yesterday. I really appreciate your posting about finding your muse/voice/g-spot. I am still struggling to write every day and you are an inspiration...fer sure, Dudette.

BTW-Didja know "rooting" has whole 'nother meaning in Oz?

happy anni...do i hear u say FOOD? im on my way