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superman's dead

I've been nothing but saddened every time I hear another rumor about some shitty actor "in talks" to play Superman.

Ashton Kutcher, Brendon Fraser, John Travolta, some Canadian name Victor Webster, Jude Law to name but a few.

Scrawny English Boy as Superman? Please. Stop. You're killing me.

I'm starting a new mission and that is to get my favorite actor to be cast as Superman. Of course, it will never happen for two simple reasons - DC Comics has a say in the casting and it seems like all they want is a pretty face; and Bruce Campbell just won't have the crossover-to-females appeal that Tobey Maguire did for Spiderman.

Anyhow, I came up with a fair, balanced and scientifically fault-free poll to see what your take on the Superman casting is. If I get enough voters, I will send the results of the poll to director Brett Ratner and D.C. Comics. Now, choose wisely. Take your time. Think about it before you hit the button.


How I love Bruce. Have you read "If Chins Could Kill" yet? You'd love it.

My AOD lunchbox and ED shotglasses should show up this week. :-)

I have to agree.Campbell is clearly the only logical choice.

When I saw this atricle, I thought you had only now come across the Superman-Doomsday "Bg Event" of 1994 or so.

Who's Bruce Campbell?


Who is Bruce Campbell????? Did I just read that? (Just kidding, Lyn, whoever you are.)

Seriously though, I don't know what studio execs think that Bruce wouldn't have that female crossover appeal. One of my first sexual dreams involved Bruce in his Brisco County, Jr. persona. Mmmmm. Bruce.

(I also have to see if I can find that movie that has Bruce starring as Elvis and fighting a mummy.)

At 45, Bruce is too old to play the Superman they're looking for. The series is planned as a trilogy, starting with the beginning of Superman's adult crimefighting career. They want an actor who will age with the trilogy, which is rumored to take about ten years to complete. Bruce would make a good Superman if they ever filmed Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, or Mark Waid and Alex Ross's Kingdom Come, but isn't right for this particular version.

I think Brendan Fraser would do a good job, and I don't think he's a shitty actor at all. Sure, he's been in a helluva lot of shitty movies, but so has Anthony Hopkins (I can think of five right off the top of my head), and no one calls him a shitty actor. Fraser is about the perfect age for the role, and if you don't believe he can act go watch a movie called Gods And Monsters starring Fraser and Ian McKellan.

Kevin has a good point, ecspecially about Fraser in "Gods and Monsters". But it would be cool to see Bruce play the part if for no other reason than I've been a fan of his and Raimi's since I saw the First "Evil Dead" in the mid 80's.

Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns

What an awasome book! That would make a great movie, god I would love to see that one. I meant the story board is already done. The part where Joker kills everyone on the David Letterman show alone is worth the price of admission.

Have you seen "George of the Jungle"? Brendan Fraser in a loin cloth ain't all that bad. I'm sure tights would be fine too!

Ashton Kutcher? HAHAHA!!

I agree with Kevin above, Fraser would be the best from the list we've been given. He'd make a cool Doc Savage, too...

I L-O-V-E Bruce Campbell as much as a straight boy can, but he's just not right for Supes, both physically and stylistically. Campbell plays the wise guy, the smartass, the cynic to a tee, and Superman is none of these things. Even when he plays the straight man/good guy, like in Brisco County (one of my absolute favorite TV shows ever), he still has a nasty edge. Batman/Bruce Wayne, maybe. Superman, no.

Still, better Campbell that the likes of Nic Cage or Ashton Kutcher. Dude! Hey , I loved Dude Where's My Car, but...no. But if they wrote a scene in which Superman flies to the Chinese Foooood restuarant and drags out the "and then" lady ...maybe...

John Goodman? Would look great in that suit, I think. And - who is Bruce Campbell? For me it will always stay the hero of my youth - Christopher Reeve, whoever might play his role now.

Actor, schmactor. What they need to do is get someone else besides Brett Ratner to direct. Ratner will have absolutely no understanding of the material, and what's more, he'll probably make Jimmy Olsen into a fast-talking "ethnic" sidekick a la Chris Tucker. This project is doomed to massive suckosity.

Lilli, you make me feel my age. The Superman of my youth was George Reeves.

I agree with Phil, a much better director would help, Sam Raimi comes immediately to mind, since he's obviously able to do the superhero schtick, and with makeup Bruce could be any age they wanted him to be. Yes, I know that a wise-cracking Superman would be a shock to the system, but why not? I've always wanted the man of steel to lighten up, at least a little.....
BTW, Autolycus was my fave Xena character, Bruce as a swashbuckling thief was great fun. The Elvis/mummy thing was Bubba Ho-Tep, which I haven't seen, but gets a 7.2 stars on IMDB. Does anyone know if Brisco is going to be put out on DVD? I'd buy it in a heartbeat :)

The Superman of my youth was George Reeves, also. I ran across a wonderful rhetorical question about his performances some time back:

"How come Superman lets the bullets bounce off his chest, but ducks when the bad guys throw the empty gun?"

I just hope they don't make the movie like so many others of today - where the special effects and action are the true stars of the movie and the actors are secondary. Dietz, I also grew up with George Reeves as Superman. I thought Christopher Reeve did a pretty good job, though. At the time he was a relative unknown; he only had supporting parts. Perhaps for the new Superman they will get another relative unknown. They have to have a specific type in mind: tall, dark hair, cut but not bulky (has to fit into street clothes and look somewhat wimpy) and, of course, someone the girls would go ga-ga over..

Long as they use that Terri gal the tv series had as Lois, you ladies can pick superman.

George here, too, you old farts.

Truth! Justice! and The American Way!

Almost forgot. I may have a parody of the officer efficiency rating based on, "(9)faster than a speeding bullet. (8)almost as fast as a speeding bullet (7)somewhat slower than a speeding bullet, etc." If I can find it, I'll post it. If no one objects.

What is this? An Iraqi election ballot? Taking our cues from Saddam, are we?

Bruce drool Campbell - Hail to the King BABY! Oh Yeah!

he'd be perfect for kingdom come.

i read that they're looking at that thousandaire guy for the role. too funny. he's got the perfect hair for it tho.