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APB for bryce rasmussen

Attention all warbloggers, be on the look out for one Mr. Bryce Rasmussen of Canada, IP address

Bryce has been making the rounds on weblogs, inserting his arrogant rants and superiority complex into the comments of posts all over the place.

Bryce has been spotted numerous times at this very blog and he is now making the rounds through the blogosphere. Rasmussen is armed with computer and dangerous. He takes any opportunity to add his negativity to comments. He does not believe in debate. He only believes in name calling and confused rhetoric.

Bryce's last brush with my patience came when I read this lovely, uplifting post on Horsefeathers and almost threw up halfway through the comments when Bryce appeared with his particular brand of vitriol. One count of uncessary roughness, one count of rude behavior, one count of inappropriate display of arrogance.

Once again, his IP address is2 He was last seen dressed like a refuge from 1969.

If you see Mr. Bryce in your comments, please notify the blogger police at once. The recommended way of dealing with Bryce "Canadians Rule, Americans Drool" Rasmussen is to delete his comments and leave this image where his words once appeared. It is the all-purpose Bryce Rasmussen comment generator.

Hopefully, he will get the hint and disappear.


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hah! A dumbass, whose rights can be protected by PETOD.

Too bad I don't care about his rights...

Um, if you do a reverse DNS on that ip is shows up as belonging to the Digital Equipment Corporation of Houston Texas.


You might try typing that ip address correctly Bill.

Search results for:

TELUS Communications Inc. TELAC-BLK10 (NET-216-232-0-0-1) -
Mutual Consumer ADSL HSIA53-CA (NET-216-232-160-0-1) -

These are the last responses in a trace route to his IP... it would appear that he has either renewed his IP to a new one or is offline...
nwmrbc01br01.bb.telus.com []
nwmrbc01gr01.bb.telus.com []
vancbc01dr01.bb.telus.com []
vancbc01dr11.bb.telus.com []
Request timed out.

Looks like the bozo is in Vancouver...

Name: a0gq25v7y44ql.bc.hsia.telus.net

Thing is, I didn't type it...I copy/pastes it straight from this site...hmmm...ahhhh, I missed the 2 when I copied. DOH!

That's why I'm a PETOD founding member. That and I can't spell pasted right.

Ahhhh... cut and paste, a Unix admin's best friend...

He's probably spoofing IP's anyway.


Is this Bryce? Charming.