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monday self link-love

My first thought is S-E-X. They found some human anatomy reference book, or a magazine that should not have been left laying around or some novel where they say things like "bring me your manly meat." I can feel myself turning red .

Yes, my kids are up to no good again. we're not laughing with you, we're laughing at you!. My new story at Raising Hell.

Now, when you're done with that, don't forget to enter the Valentine's Day Poetry Contest. I swear, there's a real prize this time. Also I need three judges.


Yes. It's every parent's worst nightmare.

On the positive side, you can look forward to the day when you have their spouses/fiances/significant others over and you get out the home movies of when they were small.

Revenge is sweet.

<Elmo Philips voice>Yeah, I had a similar experience with kids laughing at my high school yearbook pictures. Although in my case I was still in high school at the time.</Elmo Philips voice>

If you're still looking for judges, I'd be up for it. :)