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the blowhard show must go on

It's good to know those political loud mouth celebrities have their priorities in the right place.

Even if bombs are falling from the sky and blood rains down from heaven, the show will go on!

Oh goodie! Because I am so looking forward to watching Richard Gere and Michael Moore accept their awards in the name of Karl Marx and Saddam Hussein and whatever other insane dictators and socialists they love so much.

I can't wait for Martin Scorcese to thank Noam Chomsky for his inspiration or denounce George Bush as the Anti-Christ. And hopefully, Viggo will take the stage if Two Towers wins an Oscar. He can wear his No Blood for Oil shirt and make the whole night just one big Hollywood shout-out to our enemies.

72 hours without a cigarette, folks. The agigation is probably showing.



Hang in there on the no smokes. The first three days are the worst, then it's better from there. Do not give up other things you do when smoking (i.e., coffee, newspaper, long trips to the can). And, here's a brain trick: carry a book of matches with you. When you have the urge, take a breath, light one, place it in front of your mouth, then slowly blow it out, just the way you would when lighting a smoke. It's a psychological thing, but it works. Helped me when I cold-turkey'ed in 1989.


Every time you want a smoke, eat a piece of pizza. THat will help you quit. Way to go, anyway.
I dont need to tell anybody this will be the post that people comment on the most.
Hollywood thinks America is stupid.........

rough life being a "star" ~ the trials and tribulations are immense and unimaginable...there must be a soon-to-be-produced pseudo-reality Tv show in the work somewhere dealing with the daily bullshit "stars" go through in their lives...if there isn't, I got first dibbs

I quit 3 times, the last being permanent. If you aren't fully psyched up for it, it's hard, no doubt. I tried this to help me - every time I craved a ciggy, I'd start running - to the corner, to the next office, wherever. Just a short sprint will have you coughing and hacking enough to completely get rid of the urge. Especially if you bring up an amoeba that will cover a childs hand.

mints. those little starlite mints. eat one every time you want a cigarette.

peppermint is a slight upper (hence 'pep') and it cuts the craving.

I quit smoking at my busiest time of year--Halloween, the stress made me want to smoke, but the peppermint helped. Plus, having gone through stress while dealing with the stress of quitting, when the out stress ended, the craving was easy to put up with.

just a thought...

Think of the musical numbers!

A tribute to A Chorus Line and Iraq's Leader with Martin Sheen, Barbara Streisand, Michael Moore, and Madonna in a kickstep line:

One! Singular Dictator!
Every little life he takes!
One! Thrilling Chemical Weapon!
Every threat that he makes!
One smile and suddenly nobody else will do; You know we'll never be lonely with you know who...

One! Moment that he gets nukes!
And you can forget the U.S.!
For the guy is second best
to none, Son!
Ooooh, Sigh! Give him our attention.
Do...I...really have to mention?
He's the One?


Hang in there girl it gets easier. I quit smoking on Jan 1, 2003 for probably the 5th or 6th time. I really wanted to quit this time. I did it cold turkey (never tried it that way before) and by the second week I was feeling really positive.

Here I am, 42 days clean and I feel really great. I have no urges at all, the smell that I used to love is a turn off. My only hope is that I don't turn into a nasty ex-smoking nazi bitch.

You can do it. It is the greatest gift you will ever give to your kids. (That is my daily mantra)

You can do it. Day three is typically the worst, tomorrow won't be so bad. Chewing gum, carrot sticks, exercise ... you can do this.

At least for today. Maybe tomorrow you'll smoke again. Just not today.

Notice how all the comments thus far are full of genuine concern and support for your effort to quit smoking? It's almost like, how can I put this, "no-one gives a flying shit about celebrities anymore?"

If we are living right it will be all over by the time the awards are given. Hang in there.

I sincerely hope that someone pulls some goofy stunt when (not if, but when, because it's inevitable) Michael Moore wins his Oscar for Best Documentary for My Lying Sack of Shit Film. This needs to happen.

can anyone give me the homepage address of Michael Moore