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it's all blurring together

Sorry for the light blogging today. Today was housecleaning day (isn't that waht everyone does on a paid holiday?) and tonight was "deal with your daughter having her heart broken" night.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, which is "Madonna fans, get yourselves a life" day.

Be careful out there. Carry a roll of duct tape with you at all times. Seal off your car window with plastic netting. Beware people drinking Pepsi and singing Ludacris lyrics. Stay off the dope. Give a Democrat a hug. Don't buy French water. Fill your bathtub with vodka. The duct tape. Don't forget it. It comes in all colors. It's Fashion Week. Color coordinate your duct tape with your wardrobe. Beware the Ides of March. Hey, what's that crawling up your back?

Blame the cleaning product fumes.


Wow, those Madonna fans sure like my improved lyrics.

Sorry about Natalie's heart...didn't you tell her men are from hell??

Oh, no, what is it mom's are supposed to say at times like these? It's moments like this that build character? Make you a stronger person?

Fuck that. Get her some chocolate.

Hmm they're pulling that image directly off my site...I can have some fun with this.

Give Natalie some duct tape. I hear it repairs EVERYTHING. I'm NOT being heartless, just sarchastic. Damn, I'm 38 and I still feel her pain! Chocolate and duct tape. Yes.

Shouldn't you wait until shes 18 to tell her about chocolate and duct tape?

It must be the fumes... no other rational reason why you'd tell people to avoid us Pepsi drinkers ;-)

I never mentioned whipped cream on top. Perv!:)

oh you cleaned too? I put my sons room back together...it had been needing it since Christmas. It's fun to try and reconcile toys all day! I love to sort toys for 3 hours it is such fun.

Hang in there!

Oh, it's drinking Pepsi and singing Ludacris lyrics. whew I'm OK then, 'cause I don't even listen to Ludacris (who??)

"Hug a Democrat"? Geez, you don't ask much do you.... (kidding, just kidding!)

something else to worry you: Henry Rollins birthday was today. 42. What kind of gift to you think he would like?