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what if they gave a protest and no one knew what it was about?

The protests in New York began early this morning. Once again, as in D.C., most of the activism, organization and rallying points are being brought to you courtesy of ANSWER.

Sure, it's an anti-war gathering. But it is heavily anti-Bush as well. Don't confuse the two issues. They are not the same. And for some, the marches are nothing more than an anti-America rally. Even in America.

There are issues of anarchy and class warfare. Anti-Israel sentiments will likely be heard all day.

I don't want to make light of a serious issue. After all, a day replete with music and puppets and costume dancing is a somber occassion. Right?

I'll be updating as I find more news and pictures.


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This is more an anti-Conservative rally. Liberals are clearly beoming more and more flustered. Its divid the country more and the Democratic party.
I am boycotting the protests. Along with about 215 million people. Its a stay away protest.

Many of the rallies are affiliated with ANSWER, but the NY rally is not affiliated with ANSWER in any way -- in fact, ANSWER has refused to endorse the NY rally.

I'm very concerned about the NY rally and the possibility of violence when people become frustrated that they can't see what's happening or hear what's going on. Especially because people are going into the city with the idea that the police officers on the street are the wrong doers because "they" did not give them the right to march. The anger is misplaced, and misplaced anger in a rally like that is just a lit match in dry timber.

The sirens haven't stopped all day. Meryl Streep walked by earlier. I'm so tempted to go spy, but frankly it's cold out and they suck.

All they need are Mimes.

Would a Mime anti-war protest be a trope or a meme? :::sorry:::

Hmmmm...might be a good photoshop opportunity there. Anyone?

FYI, I have a bunch of photos from the rally up at my blog and will be adding more later tonight or tomorrow. There are some real doozys...