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pop quiz

Math quiz:

1)The current population of Earth is approximately six billion.

The number of anti-war protesters who marched in the last 24 hours is estimated at eight million.

How many people did not take place in the protests?

2)There are approximately 100,000 people protesting right now in New York City.

If every third person is wearing a Che Guevara shirt, how many of the protesters are socialists?

3)Of the eight million protesters around the world, 70% are waving signs that disparage George Bush. Of that 70%, 25% depict Bush as Hitler and 24% call for Bush's impeachment and/or arrest.

What percentage of those holding Bush signs are in denial about who the real enemy is?


I used to be a democrat. That all changed after the 2000 election and I have since gone further to the right. Liberals are making me mad. 'Im ashamed to be an American' and for them I will continue to:
2) Empty & refill my swimming pool a few times
3) pour the excess oil I have left from my oil changes into the ground
4)take the catalytic convertor off my car
5) protest this protest, maybe
6) empty and refill my swimming pool again.
7) cut down a tree.

One more thaaang. George Noory says he does not believe in coincedence.
For example, is it a coincedence that since travel by jet has become commonplace; is it luck of the draw that MOST of the airline hijackings that have taken place have been by crazy Islamic fundamental Muslims funded by crazy fundaMENTAL states like IRAQ, IRAN, SAUDI ARABIA, LIBYA, SYRIA?
Not saying that the world is without crazy christians, Jews, or Hindus, mind y'all.
Do people think that our pal Saddam has never funded, harbored or trained terrorists?

Ho-hum. More people are in Datona for the 500 than in NYC for the protest.

I knew there were a whole lot of fools in the world, but 8 million?

You can belittle the protesters all you want, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are opposed to this war. In Britain, a whole 9% of the population supports war without a second UN resolution, polls in the rest of Europe paint a similar story. In America, even though a lot of people support a war, 56% want the U.S. to wait for UN approval and 59% want to give the inspectors more time.

1) Lots. Count 'en up. One, two, many, lots.

2) 90 percent. Some socialists don't wear Che sweatshirts. There are presumably some Buchananistas, Nazis, crackpot wing libertarians, and generalized anti-Semitic scum there as well. Oh, and one lady who does not want "My son the Marine" to get hurt.

3) One hundred percent.

your exams are so hard, teach.

You can belittle the protesters all you want, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are opposed to this war.

First of all, I don't need to belittle the protestors. They're doing a good job of that themselves.

A lot of people are opposed to this war? Too damn bad. It's gonna happen, and there's nothing the protestors can do about it. Sorry to slap you in the face with the reality stick, but Iraq will be freed by American force whether France, Russia, China or you like it or not.

I thinks there is some confusion about American attitudes toward UN approval. While I'm sure that there are those who think approval from the likes of France and the Chicoms is important, what most Americans in flyover country mean by international support is for other countries to be willing to actually help do the dirty work. Mere approval from civilization's freeloaders has no value.

There are 4 million people connected to Kazaa right now. Interesting comparison.

While I'm here, and I'm sure Michele won't mind, fuck France. Let's ship them a few million cases of deodorant and soap and then we'll talk.

It's funny how anti-war protestors are suddenly the numbers' best friends when those numbers seem to be on their side. Suddenly it's great to go along with the crowd and be a conformist!

6 ... no wait, 24 ... 5? 11.

i love seeing the war mongers sweating and making excuses as they realize that there just isn't the support for america dropping bombs on anyone they please. really funny.

Leaders are there to lead, Alex. If they listened to the constituencies on everything, the world would be in a worse mess than now.

Democracies are very, very messy. They'd all vote high taxes for everyone else and stay home on the dole.

A Lax Kid:

Don't you get it? There isn't going to be a war. Just a quick regime change in Iraq (And a few other places, i.e. Paris). It's kind of a new use for the old cliche, "What if they gave a war, and only one side showed up?" Imagine Mike Tyson stepping into the ring with Woody Allen.

Also, note how sentences begin with capital letters.

Not a good post. It's not helpful to invite such weak comparisons.

Take the Kazaa comparison: yes, there are lots of people connected to that service right now, but it takes minimal effort to connect on a daily basis (a couple of mouse clicks). Plus, when you connect you get immediate gratification (depending on your connection speed).

On the other hand, to attend a peace rally, like I did today, you have to put in some effort -- go out of the house, take time away from your regular Saturday afternoon activities (oh no, I can't attend my regular Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite Holistic Learn-in! Boo hoo!), and in my case, walk around in -15C cold. And no immediate gratification -- IN FACT, marching knowing that Bush is going to get his war anyway.

Now excuse me, this is detracting from my valuable PCP-smoking time.

You can belittle the protesters all you want, but the fact of the matter is that a lot of people are opposed to this war.

A million people can share a foolish idea, and it will still be foolish.

A million people can share a doob, but they won't get baked.

No no! We simply want to drop bombs on anyone we please! We are nothing but bloodthirsty warmongers who enjoy sending our soldiers off to blow brown grandmas into gobbets of flesh and stick cute, big-dark-eyed children with bayonets! It's more points if you get three at once! America is the Most Evil country, full of the Worst Inhuman monsters the world has ever seen! We make Hitler and the Nazis look like Santa and his elves! We're worse than Satan and all his devils! In fact, they're afraid of us down there! Old Nick is cowering under his desk in the First Circle of Hell (it looks just like the Oval Office too!) at the thought of all the Bad Americans who are on their way down there.

Get it straight: no one in the world is as bad as an American. We're bad. Who's bad?

Oh, and "blamb": that comment of yours sure reads like one that someone who has smoked many "doobs" would write. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

You rednecks sure are intelligent!!!

(1): A VW microbus filled with anti-war protesters leaves Chicago heading for New York at 55 miles per hour. Eighty minutes later, a second VW microbus carrying anti-war protesters who overslept leaves Chicago heading for New York at 65 miles per hour. At ten minutes per bongload, how much weed will each group have used by the time they catch up to each other?

For extra credit, how many times will they have listened to Phish's "Billy Breathes" by the time the vans meet?

Ther worrying thing about all of this is the anti-French feeling that's come about just because they disagreed with the US. And iss dissent from the administration's policies now an automatic anti-American act?
'Regeim change in Paris'? Grow up guys.

Ther worrying thing about all of this is the anti-French feeling that's come about just because they disagreed with the US.

The feeling is there not because they disagree. It's there because they're wrong. It's been a long time since they stood up to a dictator so I suppose it's just a habit.

Back in the 80s, conservatives were all over the 1% of Connecticut's population which showed up for a tax revolt.

Compare that to today, when something like 10% of Spain's population turned out for a protest.

Compare that to today, when something like 10% of Spain's population turned out for a protest.

That would be 4,007,710 people (2002 est., World Factbook). Even the most wildly inflated estimates of turnout don't reach that level. Also, it can be assumed that many were there to watch the show, once more humane--if not more entertaining--that a traditional circus.

Ed, can I then assume that you're equally upset about Americans holding signs that say "Regime change begins at home" and other similar sentiments? Or is that kind of talk only unacceptable when talking about the French and Saddam? (Don't answer, it was rhetorical. I already know what you probably think.)

The reason for the anger at the French (and the Germans) is that we thought they were supposed to be allies, yet they are stabbing us in the back. Ask Colin Powell about the French deal on Resolution 1441 if you think that phrase is not accurate. Allies are not supposed to do that. Notice there is not a lot of anger directed at Russia. Russia was not an ally.

For all the peaceniks (or more accurately, the anti-Americans), the conquest of Iraq is an essential step in the War on Terror. You may not wish to fight that war, but the US is fighting it. As a byproduct the people of Iraq will be liberated, even as the liberation of the Germans was a byproduct of destroying the Nazis. There are going to be other things done in the future you won't like if the War on Terror is going to succeed. If it does not succeed, you are going to like the results even less.

1) By the same, er, logic: how many of the 6 billion do not inflict Rightist blogs ? A majority! Aha!

2) And if every third blogger loves Bush, how many are fascists?

3) That's easy: zero.

Michele, by your logic, I can ask:

1) The current population of Earth is approximately six billion.

The number of pro-war demonstrators in support of the war (in NY) is estimated at 'more than 50'.

How many people did not take place in the demonstration?

Six people in Singapore showed up in front of the US embassy. It constituted an illegal assembly.

Make no mistake, I am under no illusion that the US and UK governments are going to stop proclaiming a war in Iraq. I just wish they'd stop pretending they had pure reasons to.