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photoshop fun

I promised the pictures that Robb photoshopped. I believe all of them originally came from the lovely Asparagirl.

Thanks Robb and A-girl.


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Excellent work.


I've got two posted up on my blog as well.


I'm saying nothing. It's just a joke, after all...

But, still, hmm...

These are great! More!

-'You're killing children'
-'No, you're killing children'
-'Well, you're supporting a madman'
-'So are you'
-'You're a poopyhead anyway'

And, lo, the debate on war goes on. It'd be far easier if I didn't have an opinion on this, because then I wouldn't get stuck in so many of those dull conversations.

Either declare peace or blow up the world already, people. I'm bored of this 'discussion' bullshit. No one's got anything interesting to say anymore...

Somehow these "edited" posters make so much more sense.

I've posted on my blog as well. Excellent work!