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shit, already

Did I ever tell you about my hatred for everything Bruce Springsteen?

See, once upon a time I was married to someone else. He was - and still is - obsessed with Springsteen, to the point of it being a fetish, not an obesssion.

I used to enjoy Bruce's music somewhat. Now, besides the fact that I think Bruce is an opportunistic phony, I cannot hear his voice without wanting to hurl my entire day's intake of food into the toilet bowl.

We all have those things that remind us of exes. Ugly sweaters, torn letters, raggy stuffed animals...I have the memory of a singer who looks like he is eternally constipated and sings like the shit is on its way out the hole.

After the ex moved out, I broke all his Springsteen records. I should have broken them over his head, but that's another story.

Anyhow, that's your Grammy related personal anecdote for the night.


Thank. God. It's so rare that I get to commisserate with a fellow New Yorker about Springsteen hatred. Not many people know this, but hating Bruce actually qualifies a misdemeanor in the tri-state area.

Anyway, yeah, he fucking reeks.

bruce was one of the original "Anti" musicians. Anti Technology--anti Nuclear power--without a better solution. He has been irrelevant since 1977. No need to even concern yourself--just mash another radio button.

Oh yeah, he makes Shitty music, too.

Even when I lived in south Jersey, the best I could say about ol' Bruce was that other people did his songs better than he did, and I even liked a couple of those.

Pretty soon, everyone quit talking about him when I was around... };>

Can't stand the Springsteen. I had to grow up hearing "Thunder Road," "Greasy Lake," and The Longest Song in History, "Rosalita," on eternal repeat rotation on Miami's one rock station. Also, I blame him for Eddie Vedder's existence.

I'm with you in this, Michele. In a no-talent way, the Britney Spears of his generation. Is that adequately insulting?

I've never been a fan, either.

My reason is that I prefer that singers actually have the ability to sing.

Clinching your teeth together & grunting just doesn't cut it for moi.

Michele with one L: The degree of Bruce bashing makes me want to offer some apologetics for Bruce Springsteen.

With a few exceptional songs, Springsteen has struggled since Darkness on the Edge of Town. And some of his stuff hasn't aged all that well.

Still, for a few years in the mid-70s, Bruce was arguably the best rock songwriter in the world, at least until Elvis Costello came along. Then, radio formatting and music corporatism killed off most the originality in the rock music industry, with a few exceptions, after that.

Bruce was never Brittany Spears -- a programmed, market-tested pop star. Bruce created an entirely new sound and it wasn't accepted initially, but he stuck with it until he became so accepted he turned into a cliche.

Bruce's problem is that now his authenticity seems like a schtick. Unlike Bob Dylan and others, Bruce did not keep reinventing himself ... and well, the whole thing got tiresome.

Plus, to cut the guy a break, rock musicians, like lyric poets and mathematicians, produce their best stuff in their 20s. Hell, even Jim Morrison thought his career choice was unseemly at 27. Rather than drink himself to death, Bruce stuck around and hasn't quite figured out what to do with himself.

Of course, none of this addresses the personal issues discussed. Hell, I still can't listen to Randy Travis without thinking of an ex who clawed my heart out. And if you can't take comfort in country music, exactly where can you?

For what it's worth.

I think all of the Springsteen material up through (and including) Darkness on the Edge of Town is great. The stuff after that -- which, actually, coincides with Springsteen becoming involved in Important Issues of the Day like "No Nukes" -- pretty much sucks.

I view Springsteen the same way I view the Rolling Stones (who, IMO, have done exactly one good song since 1971) or Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers -- just listen to the old stuff and ignore what they're doing today.

Bruce=constipation. So does Michael Bolton. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.

"Unlike Bob Dylan and others, Bruce did not keep reinventing himself ... and well, the whole thing got tiresome."

"Things Have Changed" is better than anything Bruce ever dreamed of.

Dylan=giant; Springsteen=midget

It's funny. The first thing I ever had published was a defense of Bruce Springsteen. It was in the college newspaper, and the editor so liked my early "fisking" of the arts editors' condescending contempt for Bruce Springsteen that he offered me a job. I was on my way. (where? tell you when i get there.)

In the 20 years since that happened, I have come to pretty much agree with everything that the person who criticized Bruce said. Springsteen really did only have a couple of themes, as later musical releases proved.

Still, I wouldn't compare Springsteen to Michael Bolton. That's slanderous. That's libelous. That's a kick in the pants of all holy and sacred. Surely, there must be limits to free speech in this country. Surely you can't just say anything online.

I've tried to be civil, but you know, this is just fugging outrageous. This is a borderline crime. Where are the New Jersey State Police when you need them? Surely there must be a law somewhere ...

You just explained EXACTLY why I hate Stevie Nicks. Damned exes!

If Springsteen is the Boss, I'm gettin' another fuckin' job!

Perry called him one of the "Anti" musicians. That's right, he's anti-talented.

IB Bill, I meant no-talent-wise when I compared him to Spears. Damn! I hear sirens. The NJ Troopers are at the door! You'll never take me alive, copper! Top of the world, ma!

Larry: LOL!

... you know, that would make a great scene in a movie, but you know the only guy i could imagine in the part has been dead for a long time now.

You were married to Eric Alterman?