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sleeping with the enemy

What's really interesting about Dan Rather's interview with Saddam is that it was set up by Ramsey Clarke.

You know Ramsey. He's the guy who wants to impeach Bush. The guy who wants to free Mumia, support suicide bombers and live under socialism.

I guess Ramsey is a mutual friend of Saddam and Dan.

Strange bedfellows, indeed.


I do not believe that Ramsey Clark has done anything to sustain a treason charge.


But if he is still in Iraq when the battle* starts, he is a traitor and should be tried as such.

  • I have decided to refuse to call it a war. It will be the battle of Iraq, just a small part of the war.

Don't let him back in the next time he leaves, and don't tell him why.

If Dan Rather were truly a patriot, he'd have wired himself with explosives and blown Sadaam back to hell where he belongs.

Or, um, something.

I did not see the interview and I generally like Rather only slightly less than Mr. Jennings, but equating this with treason seems over the top. Calm down now folks. Things are going our way. No need to foam at the mouth. Leave that to the Free Mumia people.

From what I gather, Rather asked him semi-reasonable questions and Saddam indicated that he would not destroy the al-Samoud missiles. Rather just did us a favor. This is demonstrably better than that British MP Benn. But then again, Benn - and Ramsey Clark for that matter - does nothing but discredit his own side. It's a win for us. No need to get too outraged, it ultimately builds Bush's case. Same with Sean Penn. Same with Jacques Chirac. Kind of amusing actually.

The anti-Bush crowd has shot its load. They may muster one more demo when the attack starts and Saddam leads CNN to the destroyed baby milk factory but the war will not last more than a few weeks (if that). Victory is at hand. The only question is how successful Saddam's scorched earth policy will be and will some of our troops get gassed.