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wot is yous bangin on about?

Just watched the first episode of Da Ali G. Show. Verdict:

i'll be watchin it again. did yous eva ear gangsta rap lingo done wiv an english accent? ilarious. he managed to get forma attorney general dong thornberg to discuss da legality of trumpetin. next episode he tours da u.n. wiv boutros boutros-ghali.


I'll be watching it again. Did you ever hear gangsta rap lingo done with an English accent? Hilarious. He managed to get former Attorney General Dick Thornberg to discuss the legality of farting. Next episode he tours the U.N. with Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

Definitely a good reason to get HBO. You.


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In our newspapers there was a comment some days ago that Ali G. just doesn't find fans in the US, because his "humour" doesn't work over the ocean. I hope they'll not show it in german television, they would translate it before (horror).

I'll have to check it out.

Unfortunately the new Bill Maher show is incredibly lame. While I frequently disagreed with his politics, I thought "Politically Incorrect" was often interesting; the new show is just a boring soapbox.


I'd rather shave my own testicles with an oil-mining drill...

Ali G? Really? Jesus...

He's one of the main reasons behind my theory that far too few people are having abortions these days. Maybe I should start an advertising campaign. Shit, if those retards doing those anti-smoking campaigns with the devil and all that crap, then, hell, maybe I could sift out the moron element a little on this fucking planet with a well-placed endorsement from Shaq, or some loser from Survivor maybe...

The more you know...

Ali certainly translates across some oceans..... we love it over here in AU....


I is wicked lovin' Ali G... booyakasha!