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national day of cutting class for communism

Hey, kids! Don't forget that today is Books Not Bombs day! That's right, walk out of class to prove how much you want peace.

Don't forget to schedule your Palm Pilot so the little alarm goes off at noon, signaling the scheduled time that the almost spontaneous-seeming protests will take place.

All over college campuses and high school football fields today, you will hear the same conversations taking place:

"Was the ANSWER sign supposed to go to this march or was it the "Bush Kills Babies sign?" "No, no the baby killer placard is for the rally on Saturday, today is the anti-Israel poster." "Shit, I thought we were supposed to get naked today. I even trimmed."

And parents, be proud of your children for their steadfast allegiance to the cause. Oh, you might want to check into who is backing the cause, by the way:

Young Communist League.
Young Democrat Socialists.
Young People's Socialist League

Bet you didn't know that your charming little Timmy marches for communism! Heh, I bet Timmy doesn't know, either. Silly kids, protests are for socialists!

On an interesting side note, today is Ash Wednesday. Around here, religious days like this are mandated to be no-test days. I wonder what the coincidence factor here is. It would seem typical of the current anti-war movement to schedule their protests for the least possible inconvenience. After all, these kids need to study hard for their future careers as professional anarachists.


Priceless! Most schools in S.E. MI are closed today due to really rotten weather.

I can imagine the bomb-bay doors of all these B-52's you Yanks have kindly decided to park here on AirField One (UK) opening up over the skies of Iraq, and out tumbles a billion copies of the Very Hungry Caterpillar, but they've all been printed upside-down!

No, that will be copies of "The Very Large Daisycutter"

Too bad, you didn't complain about the B 25s.

What's wrong with Communism? Jesus was a communist.

Damn...they told me the color red was just to get noticed more often.

Chip Tijuan,

Kindly state your evidence for Jesus Christ being a Communist. Now compare and contrast his teachings with those of Marx, Mao, Stalin, etc. Hmmm...I don't remember Christ teaching that religion was the opiate of the masses.

Jesus was not a communist; while he believed that wealth was bad and should be used primarily to aid those who need help, he didn't believe that the government should enforce that belief. He left it up to private citizens to do so, which makes him a "bleeding-heart liberal libertarian" I suppose.

Of course, I'm an atheist, so even if Christ had been a Communist I'd just view that as one more reason to dislike Christianity.

There was a "Books Not Bombs" march in downtown San Diego today. It ended right outside my window, which gave me a good view of all the protesters but a lousy angle for reading their signs.

I did see a "War for Oil" sign (I assume there's an implied "... is Bad"), but none of the usual "Bush=Hitler" or "Americans are Terrorists" signs. From a distance it was actually hard to tell it was an anti-war rally at all. They marched two or three blocks, rallied for about ten minutes, then marched back to the starting point.

There were about 150 marchers in all (direct headcount from above), and about 40 media/police. It will be interesting to see how many the news claims there were.

there were also a couple hundred other organizations sponsoring books not bombs day. of course, that wouldn't fit in with your neat little imagery. fucking liar.