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Does this font make me look fat?

Really, be honest. I won't be mad.


No, it just makes you look... different. In a good way, of course.

I mustn't have it among the 200+ fonts on my computer, because Windows is clearly "faking it" for display.
Not a pleasant sight...
What's it called?

I think she's using palatino.

It's helvetica and it's going to be gone soon. Don't like it.

Oh comeon, it doesn't make you look that fat.

Oh well.

I like it.

Helvetica is better than Arial, but still old school and generally scorned. Bookman Old Style or Georgia... yeah, old school but loved by millions (says the man who has been Tahoma's bitch since it came out with Office 97).

I like it. I like it a lot.

I know Helvetica and this is no Helvetica. Apparently it is already been changed...

I may not have been married for long, but I do know there is NO correct answer for that question.

The best thing I can do is act like I didn't hear the question. I act surprised when I "notice" you in the room. "Gee, I love your font! (Not that I didn't love the previous one, of course) Why don't we go out for dinner tonight?" ;)

Compared to what?


Ah, Helvetica I don't have. Overused in ye olde days.
Better than Ariel, however. More balance to it.
Kevin knows type.

One of the best web fonts is Verdana. The most readable anyway. As an aside, sort of; I would suggest you tweak your css and lose the fixed px font sizing. Instead, use something relative such as em's or percentages. That way people can size the font in their browser to their viewing needs. In case their eyes suck. Or not, whichever, it's your site and a damn enjoyable one at that.

As long as you don't choose Comic Sans MS, I think I'll be fine with whatever font you choose.

Michele, you know damn well there is no right answer to that question.

I love a girl with a big font.


At my age, the little ones are hard to read.

What did you think I was talking about?

Well, yes. That too.