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it goes on and on my friends

Either shit or get off the pot. The options are pretty limited.

We move in with force and take Saddam out or we let the U.N. have their way and give Saddam infinity plus years to disarm.

This is becoming the song that never ends and I'm really tired of watching the dance.


Thanks for bringing that song back to mind. It's taken me two fucking weeks to get it out of my head and you just had to do it....didn't you?

I don't really see your point. There are more options than you're trying to present here. There are good reasons for why the world has turned against the US and the UK during this debate. Don't think I'm for Saddam, not at all. I'm as opposed to him as the next guy, but there are better ways of handling this. Check out the entry I wrote on my blog earlier today.

I hear the anti-war movement say "Give the inspections a chance". They've been going on for 12 years.....12 years! France and Germany aren't against the war on some high moral ground, they're against it because they have multi-billion oll deals with Iraq.

Saddam has been a threat for a long long time, and he needs to be ousted. Not just for the Iraqui people, who have endoured decades of mass gassings and horrible violence, but the world.

We've gone through the UN for over a decade, what else can we do?

Breki, I read your post and I didn't see any of the options you talked about.

Your comparison of the original Gulf War tactics by Bush Sr. is flawed simply because this is a totally different war. If Iraq had again invaded Kuwait, then the tactics would be different. But they haven't and we're taking a proactive stance which is much more difficult to push.

As far as the UN, I no longer consider them relevent in the eyes of society. They give dictator ruled countries the same voice as democracies which is, well, ass.

My favorite dream when it comes to avoiding a war is that Saddam gets the hint, has a big bonfire where they blow up (not disassemble and bury) every missle at once, declares all the WMD or at least shows the proof of their destruction, and he steps down while allowing the UN and or US to come in and set up a democracy. THAT is the most peaceful way to end this.

If you think Saddam will simply step aside due to political pressure, I've got 12 years of proof this isn't going to happen.

So, if talks, inspections, sanctions, and harsh words don't convince the Saddam Govt of Iraqi (which is NOT Iraq itself) to step down, what else can we do? I've yet to hear a single suggestion to do something that we've not already tried.

In this case, I couldn't agree with you more.

At this point, we're damned if we do and damned if we don't.

But Jim, we are not damned if we do. There is more up side than down in continuing. We will be damned if we don't... the Iraqi people continue to suffer, Saddam remains a threat in many ways and a supporter of terrorism, we lose all credibilility as a super power. And we get no more respect than we had going in. LET'S ROLL.