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This post on Laci Peterson has 124 comments, almost all of them by the same people who come back day after day with their conspiracy theories, using my blog like a message board for obsessive-compulsive amatuer detectives.

Jus sayin'.


Ah.....but there are other bloggers who've used the death of this woman to garner blog hits.

I like the way you went about it. You posted your opinion, and you did it nicely. You also moved on to other topics. That's the RIGHT way to do it.

Using the death of a pregnant woman as your only draw, and allowing your site to become a bulletin board for people to speculate, that's just pathetic.

I like your style, Michele. Now, are ready for that hot girl-girl action? I'll bring the alcohol.

Yeah, I know what you mean! I posted about Laci Peterson once, and I get 1-2 hits a day on that post. Considering I only get like 20-30 hits per day total...

What version of MT are you running? With the latest and greatest, you can turn comments off on posts, but still leave the old ones showing.

A wiise man once said:

"To win the hearts of the people, one should not try to enlighten, improve, or educate them.

Instead, one should simply unearth their most idiotic, riduculous prejudices and confirm that they were right all along. And then fool them into believing that people actually consider them worth listening to.

A person is far easier to control when he believes he is wanted, loved or respected. In that position, they will not attempt to weed out the lies for fear of collapsing the illusion itself"

That was far more relevant when I started. Maybe it's cryptic, like those wise chinese sayings. Oh well. Go fish...

Actually, I don't really understand how this became a national story (it's local for me). Not to be flip about it, but people disappear every day with no news coverage. I understand when it's a child abduction but this seems like a standard crime story.

I have the returning weirdoes who are having a long continuing dialogue on a post I wrote about France. They showed up together and continue talking to each other....maybe I should tell them yahoo messenger is free?

(You're marathon blogging....I'm marathon commenting)

They don't even have the decency to stalk you!

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