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If you are trying to reach me at michelle@asmallvictory.net, it's not going to get there.

You know why?



You need a mnemonic jingle."Use two els,you go to hell!" or Learn to spell or go fuck yerself",you know,something cheery.

What did you do with the other 'L'? Scratch that. I don't wanna know...

I know this really doesn't have anything to do with this thread but... I just watched 'Mercury Rising' and it was incredible fun to watch Bruce Willis kill Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin is such an ass.

Pretty good spam-stopper, when you think about it. Kind of an "ignorance/laziness" filter.

Actually, the incorrectly sent original email address did not return to me as undeliverable, etc. However, as a "Jann" with two n's ... who frequently receives email to "Jan" ... I understand the importance of honoring the correct spelling of a name, I apologized. And again, I am indeed sorry for the faux pax. As a fan of yours from the beginning, I knew better. There is no excuse ... besides, perhaps, my lapse towards stupidity.

No no no Jann, this was not directed towards you in any way!

Ahhh good, Michele. Thank you.

Michele - one ell
Use two ells and you can go to Hell, sez Michele. (with apologies to the Beatles).

Riyadh delenda est!

Don't you get all the 'wildcard' addresses at asmallvictor.net?

Somebody could send a message to oscarthegrouch@seankirby,com, and it would go to me.

See, this is why I like that there is only one possible way to spell "D"

Do y'all get that e-mail to "make your penis bigger"? There's only one problem with that... I'm female and have no penis. :O

What about Dee, the sarcastic sister from 'What's Happening'?

I have no idea how in the hell i got to this page but reading all these comments brightened my day. People tend to spell my name wrong too... well have a great day!

very good.