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watch me shift my pole

Prepare for the pole shift!

Funny, that's what my husband usually says at about 3am.

Except this pole shift requires a mattress, a folding saw and thick protective gloves.

Funny, that's what...


via MeFi

You did go read my interview with Joe, right?


Hmmmm...where's the weapons and ammo? No nasty big ole dude's gonna take my stainless steel cup with movable handles...no Sir-ee.

where's the joke about your hubby and non-hybrid seeds?

Not that you all need this, but I found it interesting. Basically it's the scientific explanation of why the "pole shift" nonsense is a bunch of bunk.


The 12V car battery and rubber dinghy threw me off for a second, but then I realised you're an adult and can do whatever you like in the privacy of your bedroom...