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what do you think?

(via reader Kevin Black)

There's making a point and then there's making a point.

This is just unnecessary.


From Slate.

update: I do get the point and I agree.

I have been in 9/11 mode all week and I'm feeling ultra sensitive.

And yea, I'm PMS, so shut it.


I know it's incredibly insensitive, but it's making me crack up. :-)

I am definitely going to Hell.

How 'orrible!

This is uncomfortable. Guilt and a sort of sad resignation that this is the only way THEY'D get the point.

Oh. didn't see the "W" on the plane. I'm much less confused now. Revolted, instead.

Slate carrys almost all the cartoonists.
The guy who did that one actually is syndicated through the LA Times.

Where was this abomination published? If you put a UN on the side of the plane (meaning the UN killing itself), the liberals would be calling for someones job. Just pathetic.

One big difference:

I don't think W will be destroying himself in the process. Obviously someone at Slate wishes otehrwise.