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What do you say to a person like this? Do you just hope that this is some sick kind of joke?

My heroes are Argentinaís Che Guevara, Yemenís Osama bin Laden, Leila Khaled - international hijacker for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and all of the women who fight for the FARC and ELN in Colombia. I support armed struggle everywhere that is revolutionary. Revolutionary for me is anything that helps to kill USA imperialism: the Yankee-Gringo Empire of death and lies....

I have listened intently to the political moderates, indigenous people and the New Age gurus in the US, Europe and Colombia. I lent them the benefit of my doubts and I tried to trust their sentiments. I begged them to explain how their path of reforms could succeed. They can not speak beyond hopelessness and delay. They are lost and I take back my ears and my trust from them. If you donít support armed struggle then you work for the death squads of Uncle Sam the-Yankee-Man.

When A US helicopter crashes anywhere, I celebrate. When a suicide bomber ignites, I am inspired. When GW Bush moves unilaterally with force, my heart beats with excitement. When I see a sniper rifle I want to kiss the sky. To be real in this sickened world is to be on fire!

Against the total fascism of everything associated with Yankee Imperialism and their desperate lies, I spit on the lifestyle of most US citizenry. I spit on their drugged-out, materialistic, individual-mania and their culture that has not one good aspect to it.

For once, I am at a loss for words.


Seriously, who wrote this? I have a new nail gun I want to test out.

It sounds like the weblog equivalent of the four year old shouting out a dirty word because it brings him attention.

Also, "When a US helicopter crashes anywhere, I celebrate?" This guy must go into hysterics at the sight of a bad highway crash. Sounds like a fun, well-adjusted person....NOT.

I'm more shocked that you even paid attention to this crap. Do you think it represents any % of thinking people in the U.S.? There are American Nazis too. You're not responsible for talking sense to these people.

Illinois Nazis. I hate Illinois Nazis.

Was Noam Chomsky given another crayon to play with again?

Somebody needs to talk with his doctors and have those meds adjusted...

Patrick, I just got that quote... Heh.

"I support armed struggle everywhere that is revolutionary...If you don’t support armed struggle then you work for the death squads of Uncle Sam the-Yankee-Man...When A US helicopter crashes anywhere, I celebrate. When a suicide bomber ignites, I am inspired...When I see a sniper rifle I want to kiss the sky."

Thus spake the "anti-war" movement.

Also loved: "I spit on their drugged-out, materialistic, individual-mania ". That pretty well describes the protesters.

In the words of a fine, upstanding American, "Shut up, Bitch!

Indymedia. I might have guessed. Now I feel that I have to go wash.

"...and their culture that has not one good aspect to it."

I would invite this person to write and publicly post bilge like this in any other country in the world, criticizing that country, and see what happens. Here he's safe as in church. It would be a particularly interesting exercise in countries with seats on the UN Human Rights Commission.

What humors me is the person posts this with a hotmail address linked. They don't even have the guts to actually post their REAL address. Yet they preach their pathetic dogma to the rest of the world. Where's Bert of the Used? He does a great thing with stuff like this...thorws up all over it

I thank God that I live in a country where people like this aren't hustled out of their beds in the middle of the night, driven to undisclosed locations with black sacks over their heads, then taken inside a sterile operating theater and hung from a wall with sharp, stainless steel hooks expertly threaded beneath their scapulae, and slowly flensed with millimeter precision while being given IV blood and plasma support so that they don't bleed out too quickly, all of which is videotaped, with copies sent to each of their family members along with a carefully wrapped body part over the course of several days.

God bless America.

This is the essence of human evil: the passionate celebration of unmaking, the sincere glorification of destruction, and the honest admiration of death.

You cannot reason with such a person. They are as committed as a concentration-camp physician, willing to make whatever sacrifice is necessary to fulfill their ideological goals...provided that the sacrifice is of other people, other lives. They are wretched.

Their wretchedness cannot be answered, so take strength in your own moral compass and the knowledge that you have knowledge, which will bear fruit, while they have ignorance, which will eat them alive.

Huh. I think I'm out of coffee or something...yikes...

Those people usually end up annoying someone and getting shot
So, are they really worth your time in the long run?

I'm pretty liberal myself. But He gives us a bad name.

It actually says it's someone from Ecuador, not a US Citizen. Address - mountains of Ecuador. The way the web works, thoughts can be posted from almost everywhere now. Look at al Qaeda's rotating websites. I'm glad a US site still posts this kind of thing, because it actually shows us what others think of us and because it makes it clear that we still are America, that we tolerate more dissent and negative air than any other land. It's a tribute to our greatness that we look these people square in the eye. It actually relieves me of some of my greatest fears about the current Administration that they'll tolerate this kind of insane abuse, because it means our cherished liberties are still intact.

Considering our support for the School of the Americas and our record in Central and South America, it's not surprising that people feel this way. I disagree with it...obviously it's a rant of hate against a nation the speaker barely knows, taking its worst possible actions and stretching them out into distorted diabolization so that she can feel good about hating people that she has no knowledge of, doesn't know and may never know. Osama bin Laden is a murderer, and to call him a hero is to invite him to decide your nation is next on the hit parade.

But it's good we don't fear this kind of shit, and it's good we hold it up for ridicule, and it's good we actually print it instead of suppressing it. To treat it any other way implies it is too powerful for us to see, when it is in fact useless tripe posted out of anger and twisted out of accord with the facts.

Sounds like a run of the mill fringe lefty to me. They're the ones who are so anti meat that they wear plastic birkenstocks.

Nihilistic freaks like that cannot be reasoned with. They can only be ignored until such time as you can kill them and get away with it.

Certainly alarming. But I fail to see how killing someone with an outrageous opinion (as Eichra Oren, aka keyboard cowboy) advocates, is any better. I would submit it is worse.

Plastic birkenstocks? But, those are made with oooiiilll! : )

Hi, there's no doubt that overstating your case can be as ineffective as understating it. overstated