Sprint = satan

I told you Sprint is the devil.

Not only did they send a bill for 12 cents to a guy who was dead five years when the supposed call was made, but they have fucked with me again.

Two weeks ago, I got a bill saying I had a $51 credit, which was definitely possible given that I had some confusing dealings with them at the local Sprint store last month. The bill clearly read: Amount due by March 9, 2003: $0.00.

On March 12, I received a web message on my phone that I had a balance of $85.00 due on my account by March 8 and due to lack of payment, my service was being turned off.

It is near impossible to get a live person on the phone at Sprint and, even when you do, they feel the need to transfer you to twenty different departments and in the end of that please-hold round robin, you end up talking to the first live person that you spoke to.

I am going to bite the bullet and pay the penalty -which I believe is my soul, in addition to $100 - to get out of the Sprint contract.

The devil will own me no more.

15 March 2003
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