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musical respite

I feel like we are all sitting on our hands waiting for something. Probably because we are.

I've managed to flip the news station off for a while. Correction, Natalie has forced me to turn off the news because it is Tuesday and it is 8:00 and that is when we are supposed to watch American Idol together. Generally how it works is, I sit at the computer in the living room, she watches American Idol and every once in a while I say something like "Hey, that dude looks like K.D. Lang!"

Tonight's theme (I bet you didn't know they had theme nights on this show. I'm still waiting for the Death Metal theme) is Songs from Movies. The contestants have picked some bottom of the barrel crap so far. A Whitney Houston song, that song from the movie about the mice and A Whole New World.

How come none of these people are daring? If I recall correctly, Slayer's Angel of Death was used in Gremlins 2. Even New Order's Bizzare Love Triangle, heard in Married to the Mob, would be better than the Shoop Shoop song.

They're all going for sap and high notes instead of showing their versatality and range. If I was a judge on that show I would be saying "Yo, show me you can reprezent! Let's hear some Snoop Dogg!" I mean, anyone can put on that fake nasaly sound and sing a love song like they mean it. Show me that you can take Johnny, Are You Queer (Valley Girl) to new heights and then I'll call you an idol.

Now, if I were a contestant - which I would never be, not unless the show was called Girl, Please Stop Singing Before the Jackals Attack! - and I had to pick a song from a movie I would go all out and sing The Trammps' Disco Inferno because if I was going to make a fool of myself, there's no better way than to do it with disco.

Don't ever invite me to a karaoke bar.

There's an hour left. I bet you ten dollars someone does Wind Beneath My Wings before the show is over.


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I just read (and blogged) Sheryl Crow's latest bits of wisdom. Gave me an outright laugh :)

But when I get home, I think I'm going to turn off the news for awhile too. My General Hospital tape awaits and last week's John Doe.

Disco Inferno - good choice...but howzabout something challenging...say, "You're The One That I Want" -- but sing BOTH parts, the guy and the gal...!

I think I heard them say tonight that they are doing disco songs next week.

Man, I would give anything to see Ruben sing "Do the Hustle."

My family is watching it now (left coast), so don't spoil it for them.

I don't normally watch the show, but I paid some attention because they have the incredible [genuflect] Gladys Knight [/genuflect] on the show.

But the bastards didn't let her sing. First Saddam, then the producers of American Idol.

"Hey, that dude looks like K.D. Lang!"

Oh, you be nice now. Clay is a sweetie, and cute in that dorky, endearing kinda way. I think he'll make the top 2.