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Something tells me all those countdown clocks are going to be wrong, anyhow.

I don't think we are waiting until 8pm.


i was just comment chatting with a friend in the uk who said that on the news over there, that the bombs will start dropping in just a few hours. it is 1:40 pm in the uk.

A while back, there was a series of commercials for a local racetrack (I think similar series ran for others) with a rather appropriate tagline:
Go, Baby

Diz of http://dizzy-thoughts.com/dizzy.html has an interesting warning sent to her by her husband overseas regarding delivery personnel...thought you might find it interesting.

Michele, look here news from reuters

Guessing they are waiting for the dust storms to stop for the bombs to drop.

More info on the delivery personnel thing:


I don't think we are waiting until 8pm.
"But that's not FAIR"