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bomb porn

My impersonation of almost every television news producer today:

Is that the shock and awe?

Is that it?

We were promised shock and awe!!

Are we there yet? Huh? HUH?

Yea baby, give me those explosions. Oh yea. Bigger! Faster! YESSSSSSSSSS!

They're all going to need an entire box of tissues when that S&A campaign begins.


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The shock and awe comes when they realize that it's also Steak and BJ day.

Michele, S&A might never happen -- and for good reason.

I couldn't have said it better! You just described so aptly what I've been seeing. When they're not being condescending, they're being impatient and disappointed.

Was it good for you, too?

They're just lucky that they didn't preempt "Angel" with their round-the-clock there's-nothing-to-report coverage. :)

By the way, does anyone know what the business rationale is for having the same thing on every channel owned by a given network? I thought the reason for having multiple networks was to allow variety.

There was one guy reporting out of a press conference earliest saying "if you have to ask if it's Shock & Awe, it isn't." Thanks for that, moron.

At first I couldn't figure out that they were saying "Shock & Awe" (this is what I get for watching the news) and I thought it had some Indian/Native American/indigenous peoples name like "Choctinaw" or something.

I like Dan Rather's explanation that CBS is a news leader because of their cutting edge technology, except that sometimes it doesn't work and they can't get Jim Axelrod on audio or video just now.

Threw up a TroopTrax banner today, btw. Keep up the good work, Michele.

yeah, but they did cut off the last few minutes of angel...which upset me very much. (i wanna see faith and willow leave, goddamn it, i wanna see if willow hits on fred!)

or was that just in nyc?

A BBC corrospondent said "a better tag for this campaign would be 'mildly disconcerting'".

They showed all of Angel here. After all of the quasi-flirting, Willow ends up telling Fred, "I'm seeing someone."

What the fuck!? I got five channels of 24-hours-a-day Iraqi war coverage. Er, that is, 24 hours a day of grainy, digital images of brown soldiers in brown trucks driving through brown dirt and sand and constant commentary thereof. And I pay $39.95 per month for this?! Oughtta have my head examined. Gimme the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan anytime! I'm a taxpaying (and cable TV subscribing) american goddamnit. I expected some serious bloodshed. What a joke!