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speaking of evil


Palestinians carrying Hamas and Iraqi flags and a portrait of Saddam Hussein march in Gaza city March 21, 2003. The militant Islamic group Hamas urged Iraqis on Friday to carry out suicide bombings against invading U.S. and British forces in Iraq Photo by Jose Manuel Ribeiro/Reuters

Tell me again why I should feel sorry for these people, because I just can't figure it out.


Feel sorry for them because George W. Bush and his military machine are waging an unjust war against Iraqis after a pathetic attempt at diplomacy.

ROTFL! LOLOLOLOL. Oh Cipster, you are too funny. Great satire -- you almost sound like a peacenugget!

Happy vomiting!

Yeah, actually I'm beginning to enjoy this whole war thing. But I honestly can't let people know that. I'm still relegated to the anti-war side, well losing a bet is losing a bet.
Seriously though, that was a pretty weak attempt at diplomacy by Bush et al.

If 12 years and a zillion chances are weak attempts at diplomacy, I would love to know what a strong attempt would be.

Palestinians cheered when 3000 Americans were murdered.
Palestinians cheered when Saddam rolled into Kuwait, killing fellow Arabs.
Palestinians continually cheer when a Jew is murdered.
There is no reason to feel sorry for them. They brought it on themselves.

Chip: You like the French method of diplomacy? Keep kissing Saddam's ass and selling him weapons for oil. Ask the folks in the Ivory Coast and the Central African Republic about French diplomacy.