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it wasn't even jiffy brand peanut butter!

Everyone take out your violins.

Now, play.

Anti-war protesters emerged tired, hungry and, in some cases, tearful Friday after being held overnight in a San Francisco jail.

We understand that we were not on vacation, but it was unacceptable the way we were treated," said a protester who gave her name as Pancetta, 24, of Berkeley.

Overnight, some protesters slept fitfully on the ground in small holding cells that housed 25 each. Others slept on mats with blankets in a gymnasium.

Some women were addressed by deputies as "little girl" or "hon," one protester said.

Can you see my heart bleeding? Perhaps they expected accomodations more like Saddam's palace?

They griped that their requests for water or food were ignored or delayed for hours. When they did get fed, they got cheese or peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches that didn't taste great.

Oh, my! No steak dinner? No Waldorf salad with a nice chianti? No comfy beds with mints on the pillows? You would think it was some kind of.........prison!

Here's an idea, idiots: Next time you get the urge to grab a policeman's baton or block traffic or deface public property, think about those yucky peanut butter sandwiches.

Better yet, maybe they should start protesting for better quality cheese in the state prisons. I can see it now - NO KRAFT, NO PEACE!


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OMG being treated lilke common law breakers......oh wait, they are! NEVER MIND!

Christ, these whiny overpriveleged fuckers are really chapping my ass.

Anyone have any Ass Chapstick?

Is this what protestors have come to? I had a teacher that was arrested for disturbing the peace during a protest in the 60s. She never complained about jail. LOL. Fuckin' neo hippies have gone soft...

Hand me the clue-by-four, please. I need to go thwack those whiners with it.

The hippies have gone soft because they have no idea what they are protesting about. They yearn to have some great belonging to a "movement," just like the 60's. That's why tie-dye is still fashionable (to some people). And all the residents of that area who missed out or were to young are trying to "re-capture" that title of "Protester with a cause!" Except none of them quite understand what goes along with that. I hope a few of them choked on the sandwiches.

Sorry for the vehemence, but I just moved from that area, and had never seen a more ludicrous city and mindset.

Some women were addressed by deputies as "little girl" or "hon," one protester said.

Wow, and to think those Iraqi dissidents are whining about tortures involving electrodes and branding irons. At least Saddam's dungeon-masters probably didn't call them "hon."

They'll be the same one's complaining that inmates have it too easy in jails and prisons next week. rolls eyes

Pleeeeeeeeease! That's what these people EAT ALL THE FREAKING TIME! They live on it.
And golly..........I wish I could show you the Clue Bat that my husband made me today just in case any of these freaks come near me. It's very cool.I have voluntered NOT to carry my pistol (for which I carry a concealed permit for) because I. Would. Use. It. and I am afraid of that. I WILL use my new defence weapon, however, screaming like a banshee. I am done with their crap.

maybe next time they can have one of those tasty MRE's and catch a 15 minute cat nap in an armoured vehicle after having been awake and working for 60 hours.

See, this is what happens when people take the MTV "Real World" and confuse it with the....real world. Bunch of SFB's.

this is great stuff, what a horror not peanutbutter sandwiches. lucky they weren't just dropped into the bay

I think all 15 year olds should spend two weeks in jail... A real jail with regular jail food and no nintendo. Cold coffee with cool oatmeal for break fast. Mystery meatloaf and other standard prison fair. No special treatment of any kind.

Kids would not take freedoms so much for granted when discover what it is like when you cannot open the door your self.

I wish I could work up some righteous sneers like all the rest of you people but I can't; reading this sorry tale of abuse makes me so...so...


I have only now gotten over laughing to the point of tears, and my facial muscles cramping, and everyone else in the house telling me to knock it off, it can't be that funny, and I've got fun hard events happening in my blue jeans, and thank you for your blog Michele, and this makes me so happy and I've begun giggling again, oh God not more laughing.....


She gave her name as Pancetta?!!?


Oh, my. Gonna have to show everyone I know this one.

G'DAMN I almost had to go out and buy a new computer. This one almost went out the fucking window.

My heart goes out to these poor, abused idiots.

Frankly, I'm surprised that at least one of these asshats didn't use the PB&J sandwiches as an excuse to protest on behalf of those who are allergic to peanuts, which is much more valid than what they what they were arrested for..

What were they expecting a Holiday Inn? (yuck, yuck, yuck) Maybe they should offer them some veal or perhaps a nice steak!

Oh -- oh -- oh -- can't -- stop -- laughing -- must -- breathe....

Oh, that's low level stuff. Usually, they not only bitch about the "treatment", they then try to compare themselves to the civil rights marchers of the 60s.

When they get chewed on by a police dog, I'll start listening to them.

wow, i guess they're pretty lucky they weren't in Maricopa County Jail. Pink boxers! Old baloney! Ladmo bags! The horror of it all.

What fuckin weenies. help help i'm being oppressed.

Im a Vegan myself however I am Strong Supporter of our Military as well as the Actions we've been taking in Fighting against Terrorism.

I have been wanting to see Saddam Hussien's Throat slit for many years.

I have before been involived in a Protest it pertained to the Fact that Teacher's worked without a Contract last year.

No one got arrested though cause we all did Comply with Police Orders to Conduct our Protest within a designated spot.

I refuse to Partake in War Protests cause I am in fact Pro-War.

Granted I would rather a War not happen but reality check sometimes you have to have one if no Peaceful Solution can be brought forth and in the case of Iraq we could not appease Saddam at all. Look what happened with Hitler was appeased and all the years of appeasing Saddam enough is enough.

You can't appease whackos when they will still cause trouble.

I hope that Arafat gets Assasinated eventually.

Granted I would like to eventually partake in a Protest again cause there are some situation where a Protest is needed and of course i'd be willing to be as Peaceful as possible but if Police wanted to arrest me i'd Cooperate and let them arrest me I wouldn't dare block em or resist arrest at all.

And I would try to stay in Jail till they would legally have to release me but i'd save Bail Money in case I decide I can't wait to be released.