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if i was eddie vedder, would you like me any better?

So, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam has joined the "George Bush should be beaten" crusade.

Incensed fans walked out of Pearl Jam's concert Tuesday after lead singer Eddie Vedder impaled a mask of President Bush on a microphone stand, then slammed it to the stage.

Most of Vedder's antiwar remarks earlier in the Pepsi Center show were greeted with mixed cheers and scattered boos. But dozens of angry fans walked out during the encore because of the macabre display with the Bush mask, which he wore for the song Bushleaguer, a Bush- taunting song from the band's latest album, Riot Act.

The real interesting part of this story is that just as I opened up the email from Carol that contained the news article, Pearl Jam's Alive began on my Winamp.

Ok, I guess you had to be there.

I think the point here is not that Vedder is against the war or against Bush or that he chose to speak his views at a concert, I think it's just that people don't want to hear it anymore.

When you pay 40 bucks to see a band live, the last thing you want is someone playing Wartime Puppet Theater starring George Bush. Regardless of whether Mr. Vedder speaks for those in the audience or not, I would say that most of them were pissed that the band was probably going to have to cut off their encore of "Jeremy" because Vedder wasted all that time acting out his misguided fantasies.


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Some things are just best left to GWAR. They do it better and funnier.

How old is Vedder already? 30, 35? He needs to get over his teenage angst and welcome the realities of the real world. PJ hasnt cut a quality album since vs.

Pearl Jam is still around? Who knew?

People still go to Pearl Jam concerts? Who knew?

Pearl Jam got over their teenage angst after Vitalogy. I don't agree with Eddie's views on the war, but I'll be damned if I let a two minute rant ruin a 2 hour concert.

Can we get entertainment from Hollywood? Isn't that what we pay for?

Irony- Vedder claims he needs to speak free speech before it goes away. Yet doesn't realize it is precisely his behavior creating the world he fears. (same goes for all protestors- your pessimistic views are only serving to create the world you fear. If you really believed in peace as an end, you would understand that the Middle East situation had no easy end. This is just the beginning of good times for the people of the Middle East.

Saying your against the war is one thing (although, if you knew any U.S. soldiers you would know they are the best people, with the best intentions). Vedder...


I'm suddenly reminded of the interview of Eddie Vedder by Janeane Garofalo in Spin magazine several years back where they viciously heaped scorn over all who use the "Gen-X" label for their generation. And then Jonathan Swift threw up in his grave.

Also remember PJ being so disgusted with all the grunge attention and just wanting to be left alone. And so you shall!

Damn shame. They have some great songs.

well said ulysses

No-o-o-o-o! So cute. So talented. sigh what a waste.

Eh, too short anyway.

Pearl Jam always sucked. This just confirms it.

Fun things happen in Denver. It's the thin air up here.

10 is one of those albums that I put in the player, hit the play button, and forget about. Not a bad song in there. Vitology is one that I put somewhere in the back of the shelf, and forget about. (ok, ok, foxymophandlemomma is just weird enough to listen to here and there)

I like a ton o' PJ, and hearing that kind of crap from Eddie should be expected. If you listen to their lyrics, you have to understand that someone is a few fries short of a happy meal....

aside from the war issue i'm always considered eddie vedder a big pussy

sure michele - you had to mention the one PJ song i detest the most...

This just in from Reuters:

Eddie Vedder is a stupid asshole who will grab desperately at any trendy pseudopolitical stance in order to boost his shitty band's shitty album sales.

Fuck that dimunutive Napolean-complexed idiot.

To hell with Vedder, and, while we're at it, to hell with Tom Yorke of Radiohead, who will soon be releasing an album called "Hail to the Thief." It's such a damned shame because I like Radiohead a lot. These people just can't stop spewing their ignorant bullshit and shoving it down our necks. I don't buy their music to be insulted and hear about how evil my country or my president or capitalism is. If it weren't for a president like George W. Bush who is willing to defend and protect us at any cost, these spoiled little pussies might not even have the freedom to open their stupid mouths let alone thrive in the capitalist system. Yorke hates capitalism so much, fine; I guess i'll have to make him happy and not support his record company.

Yo, CW, if you have to shell $15 for a disc or $40 for a concert ticket to hear the rant you can't complain about having things shoved down your throat, particularly if you know the person's stance in the first place. Shoving down our throats is what happens when the president (unelected, btw) ignores the will of the majority of nations, citizens, UN security council members and a country's sovereignty and begins a dangerous war.

There are at least two sides to the war argument. Whichever side you are on, you have to respect the activism. Bizarre as it is, people listen to what celebrities have to say. Some use that voice to try to make the world a better place (however they define it) others use it to sell Coca-Cola.

Yet other celebrities take half-hearted stances they think are fashionable and then backtrack furiously when they feel a little heat. Worse than pimping for Coke is parading the void of your convictions; as far as I'm concerned those kinds of Chicks deserve their fate of twisting in the wind standing for utterly nothing.

And you aren't ignorant? Vedder and Yorke see some of the flaws in the States' unjustified war. F*ck pseudopolitical stance. It's a stance that millions around the world have taken for a reason. Fashionable? Please, maybe they think about the children that are dying because of American bombs (that simply could not wait for UN cooperation), not Saddam's actions (I mean the US has waited a decade, why now? Threat of WMD or to our freedom, to spread democracy? Pleasing Daddy Bush and trillions of $$$ worth of oil play a larger role it seems). What is going on is important and if they can clearly state their opinions then kudos to them! Great music too. BUSH HAS TO BE MORE THAN A FEW FRIES SHORT OF A HAPPY MEAL SO EAT UP.

you are all a bunch of republican stupid assholes who don't have a fucking clue. how's that?

"Shoving down our throats is what happens when the president (unelected, btw) ignores the will of the majority of nations, citizens, UN security council members and a country's sovereignty and begins a dangerous war."

Good God, will you people kindly learn to read? When poll after poll reveals that 70-80% of the American respondents support the president and the war effort, then that is a clear indication that the "majority of...citizens" is NOT in opposition to the war. WIshing it does not make it so.

Such intentional dimwittery on the part of leftist ninnyhammers causes me to dismiss the rest of your arguments as well.

And I was a leftist myself until 9/11. Even voted for Nader.

And I could not even give the ass of a rat about the UN.

i'm a big pj fan. big. i a little dissapointed in vedder though. i dont mind these guys speaking out against whatever. everyone can. i think that the protest is over now. there is nothing we can do. its sad but true. we need to accept reality. i'm sure he does.
i share his frustration though. its frustrating that a country is as great as ours and we have so many more things here on our home land to worry about and yet were involved in this. it could have and shoudl have been avoided. not very many of us even know what our policies are across the seas. i bet not many people reading this even know why so many hate us across in other countries. its not because were rich. arrogance.
pj still rocks out. vedder is still one of the only lead singers that has a conscience (how do you spell that?) anyone who thinks pj sucks becasue of this has the right to do so. your not a fan anyway. anyone who blasts the band for this is close minded and uneducated.
know the issues.
disrespectful? yes.
unintelligent? no.

I totally agree with Eddie Vedder! He says he SUPPORTS the TROOPS but is against the war. ..... I wish I could've been there to see him demolish Bush's face!
Bush doesn't care about our troops over there, this is his personal war.
I can't believe people would walk out of a Pearl Jam concert in support of Bush, what a sad world we live in!
Go Eddie!

I'm surprised Eddie Vedder hasn't joined the ranks of Las Vegas crooners like David Lee Roth or Rod Stewart, yet. He certainly qualifies being a paraody of his younger self.

Tonite at the Houston Concert Eddie was using a mask of Bill Gates.
If he had any real belief in his convictions he wouldnt have switched masks.

As an American I respect Eddies right to his opinion. If he disagrees thats his right.
Free speech is NOT about agreeing with the masses. You can agree with your government in ANY country.
Free speech is the right to dissent, the right to voice an unpopular opinion.

Now, that being said, It was very inappropriate to express himself there that way.
When IM PAYING for the performance, I want to see what I paid for.
If I buy a ticket to see a monkey dance, I dont want to hear political opinions,
I want to see the dancing monkey.
It wasnt a protest rally, and I certainly didnt pay 45 dollar to hear Eddies opinion about anything.
If he wants to spout off that crap in an interview, I can turn the page, or change the channel.

I paid to hear the music, not the rantings.
So I guess my message to Eddie is..... "dance monkey dance!"

Dear PJ:

I voted for George W. Bush. He is officially my voice in political affairs. I am guilty of buying one of your CD's, because I liked your music. If I go to a Republican conferance I don't want to hear Bush sing Yellow Ledbetter, and if I come to a PJ concert I don't want to hear your political stance!!!! I believe in freedom of speech but, you have misunderstood. I have invested money in PJ because I belive their music is worth spreading to all the public. This is why you have money and the venue to speak on stage!!! I do not appreciate your using this position to spread your unintelligant political bull shit! In short, Shut Up & Sing!!!

After reading the angry rants and raves that are posted on this page, I can honestly say that I am VERY proud to be a part of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!! Where else in the world can you have so many people have the freedom to speak their opinions regardless of their belief (political or religious)?

Having said that, I can honestly say that I am also VERY embarrassed to say that I am a part of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA!! Why is it that there has to be so much hate and anger bottled up inside of so many people? The "KEY" point here is FREEDOM OF SPEECH!! Let us never forget that as an American EVERY single person is entitled to this right and we should NEVER forget this basic freedom.

If you are one of those people upset by a comment that was made by Eddie Vedder, then by all means continue to voice your opinion as loudly as possible and as belligerently as possible. It is your "American" right. GOD knows it isn't possible to make your point in this country without some form of threat, whether it be an ignorant, expletive based tongue lashing, some form of physical threat, or an attempt to mock or shame the other party into submission.

Is it actually possible for us as a society to stand up for what we believe in our hearts to be the right thing and not what we see or hear on TV? Is it possible for us as a nation to come together as one and take back what was once ours? The whole reason for living in a free country is basically that it is FREE!!! When we take back some of those freedoms, no matter how minute they might be, it is then that those in power will their mights and in essence brainwash a community of people that are already too weak-willed to stand up and fight.

It is exactly the kind of person like Eddie Vedder that America needs to stand up for the freedom of speech to keep this country on its toes. If you don't like what he is saying or doing, then by all means, walk out of the concert, or turn the TV or radio off and stop buying their merchandise. The Dixie Chicks are exactly the type of people that we need to stand up for their freedoms and voice their disagreement with someone. Without these people standing up and voicing their opinions it is then that we lose the other side of the argument and represent the Oligarchy form of government to its greatest extent.

I think it is sad when this country can defame an individual and label him or her as unpatriotic when they are simply stating their opinion. Where does it state in the constitution that we need to bow before our elected officials and deny our right to disagree with their actions when we know in our heart of hearts that some actions are unquestionably wrong? When we silence even one person, it is in that moment that America has lost everything.

pearl jam just needs to play yield and riot act furiously, i can take the babble cause thats eddie classically burning at both ends but just forget the old stuff and rock the new.

Hey ushie,
Stop and think for a moment. Most of the world is tweaked at the American government because they are unilateral, self-centered, arrogant, don't give a shit about the rest of the world and are clearly pursuing a policy of nothing more than enlightened self interest. Your response to this is to highlight the fact that you cannot distinquish between "the majority of citizens" and "the majority of American citizens", sounding rather arrogant, self-centered, unilateral... do I have to spell out the irony? (and was that poll that shows 70-80% of Americans support the war the same poll that found that 51% of Americans thought that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for 9/11? I beleive your "wishing it does not make it so" statement would be better directed at the majority of American citizens, or perhaps, your president (unelected, btw)). Such intentional dimwittery on your part would cause me to dismiss the rest of your arguments, but there were none; just bad logic rattling around in an empty shell.

My original point was that Vedder has the balls to stand behind his opinion, the Dixie Chicks do not. Those who pimp Coke (and the like) have no opinion more complex than "I am a whore, give me money".

You know what? Politics and music are not mutually exculsive things. PJ's music has often been political, in a personal way, so I'm not suprized by any of this. Also, it is illogical to say that exercising free speech is bad for free speech. If you don't know what Vedder is talking about when he says those rights are going away then you need to do some research. The constitution is being undermined and assaulted by the current administration, and all this "if you're against the war you're against the troops" propganda is designed to eleminate dissent, plain and simple. Living in the real world means not hiding your head in the sand, and not leaving the running of your country to Big Daddy Who Knows More Than You. Learn some history, investigate US forgien policy, take a look at the US PATRIOT Act (for suspension of civil liberties and privacy). Your world is falling apart, and it's being torn down from the inside. Go Eddie.

The same free speech that allows Eddie Vedder to announce his ignorance concerning international politics provides me the same right to criticize his views. This is an individual - much like Rage Against the Machine and Thom Yorke of Radiohead - who rails against corporations and the establishment while at the same time being a large part of it. These men spend hundreds of thousands of dollars creating albums and touring and then turn around and spit directly in the face of those who support them, much like Michael Moore. Many of these "entertainers" prostitute their voice for profit in a vulgar display of power and arrogance. Eddie Vedder is for peace? Impaling a man's image is a symbol of peace? Remember in 1991 Vedder wore anti-Bush t-shirts. What is sad is that the public listens to such sanctimonious and ignorant people who reveal little more than a personal vendetta. They make music. Who gives a shit what they think anymore than what anyone posting here thinks?


You are right that this is an individual, but very much unlike Rage Against the Machine as Rage Against the Machine was comprised of several band members whereas Eddie Vedder is just one person. I can not justify Pearl Jam and their so-called "corporation" but as an American I do know it is very hard to do something that you love without that passion revolving around money. That is a basic fact of life. Quite like the fact that there will always be individuals quite like yourself making statements like "Who gives a shit what they think anymore than what anyone posting here thinks?" when it is quite evident that in fact you do give a shit otherwise you would have never posted your comments on this web page in the first place.
I think it is quite insulting to assume that everyone that attends a Pearl Jam concert should expect them to just get up on stage and sing the songs that you would like to hear without them having any control over it. If someone who is insulted by Eddie's "impaling of the mask on the microphone", it is their fault for not doing a little more research. You stated yourself: "Remember in 1991 Vedder wore anti-Bush t-shirts" and take into account some of their lyrics. I wonder if any of these people that were insulted by Vedder's actions are some of the same people that listened to "Bushleager" or knew in advance that Vedder had an anti-war and anti-Bush stance. By doing a little bit of research like you have, these people could have saved themselves the agony by completely bypassing the show based on their political stances as Eddie Vedder has never kept his political ideas and motives secret by any means.

If Pearl Jam makes an album...I will buy it all day. Eddie runs for office, we DO NOT have to vote for him.
Truthfully, I went to concert in Tampa and it was INCREDIBLE!!! Eddie even did an acoustic piece before the opeing band. They are awesome. He said nothing bad about Bush and seems to be a proud American to me. We all have the right to voice our opinions, even when we are famous.

fuck all of you. fuck this page. not one of you make a good point. please never come to any pj shows cause you suck so many balls.

everybody has the right to speak their minds.. and we r all different ok.
EDDIE has the right to say eveything he wants to.. he's a concerned, intelligent individual who is not afraid to say or even act his views and opinions for that matter..
and there is only one thing i have to say...Go EDDIE!

If you dont agree with Ed Vedder's politics, thats ok, but dont whine about manifestations of those views at concerts. the guy has strong convictions and if you dont want to hear it--dont go to his concerts. If you have any pattern recognition at all, you'll notice his songs are packed with that kind of thing, whether it's literal or not. any anyone who thinks having political views and fighting for them is "teenage angst" why dont you take a look at the world around you instead of being shut up in your middle american lifestyle.

i have the utmost respect for eddie vedder. he is a very intelligent and caring person. that is the reason he, and others, feel the need to speak out- because he cares so much about our country, our people, troops, and the world as a whole. so instead of getting on the man's case, understand where he is coming from and have an open mind. it's ok to disagree with people and their views. speak out for what you believe in. voice your opinions. because after all, it is a free country(or so i thought). pearl jam still rocks no matter what and eddie is one of the best lead singers around. and don't forget, bruce springsteen is also another rock star that has spoken out against this thing, and nobody ever boos him! so, whatever is your stance on the war, remember that we are all supposed to be united. take care of one another. keep it together, and keep on rockin in the FREE world.

GO ED!, Bush is a C*nt anyway...

Eddie knows what the fuck he is talking about. He is right about so amny fucking things-including the war. We need to stop with our imperialistic ways. This is why those people in Al-Quada fucking want to kill us because this nation fucked them over during their war with Russia back in the 80's. No weapons found in Iraq=leave them the fuck alone. bush is a idiot. Eddie rocks.

People are so naive. Ed Vedder and Pearl Jam are tremendous activists. There was no "walkout", Ed Vedder didn't "impail" the mask on the mic stand. I have the bootleg of the Denver show and I didn't hear not one boo bird in the crowd. The Bushleaguer intro starts and Ed walks out on stage in Bush mask, and gold coat, when the lyrics start he hangs the mask on the mic stand, or holds it in his hands. I personally think it's great. I own a copy of the Live at the Showbox DVD, Ed was doing this same performance way before April 1st in Denver.

All you wanta-be politicians need to put on some Pearl Jam and start reading "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn.

Well, If you are accusing PJ, radiohead and the like for siding with the cooperations, well PJ fought against ticketmaster to reduce ticket price (They lost unfortunately).. I've read their interviews, but they did kind of stop doing a lot of things to keep them "under the radar", like making music videos and what not. You can't just abandon the system but PJ is fighting the whole cooperate thing.

Well, to be honest i think Eddie is just more well informed about things than most people.. like his view on p2p netweork, the war... and look at the war. now we are at a point where more and more ppl are questioning it. I respect his courage to speak out and task risk for doing what he believes in.

I thought America was the country of free speech? That goes for famous people as well, or are the democratic benefits only allowed the fat pieces of shit sitting in the sofa, eating cheese burgers and drinking tipped beer whose opinion noone gives a rat´s ass about anyway?
Go Eddie, you´re brave man. I hate double standards! And keep those cd´s coming - they´re getting better and better, Vedder!!


I voted for "W" (Bush) and it was a big mistake. Thank God for people like Eddie Vedder who have the platform and guts to not pander to the pathetic suckers who believe everything "GOVERMENT, INC." tells you to believe! No matter what your views on Iraq, based on Bush's actions, you cannot tell if he's a Republican or Democrat. He's created HUGE government budgets/bureacracy, dismantled jobs for Americans (I am not talking about "outsourcing" --- it more like "offshoring"; see W's trade policies with China and India, both Communist regimes), unprecedented national debt, flood of illegal immigrants, piss-poor international diplomacy, among many other problems manifasted by Bush! I cannot believe I voted for this "lame self-serving enterprise of a so-called human being"! I wish Eddie Vedder, other rock musicians and ALL Americans (young and old) would start taking issuing against what is happening in Washington, instead of practicing pathetic polarized party politics! "W MUST GO!"

I didn't read all of the comments made. I couldn't as too many fucking stupid remarks!

Eddie Vedder is one of the most smartest people on Earth in my veiw. To all the bush brain washed americans commenting on here you really need to wake up. You don't know the truth, you think you do because bush and his buddies have put the words in your mouth.

There was no need to go to war with Iraq and nothing!! to back it up. Eddie knows this and knows a hellva lot more than you ever will. Well maybe in 30 years down the track when you finally realise.

have a fun life, morons!

I've enjoyed Eddie vedder and pearl jam's music for ten years now. I strongly agree with ed's positions on the Bush issues. I really do not see what the fuss is about though. Since when has rock and roll greatly affected the outcome of an election. However, I could not help but notice that some of the people on this site are the reason that an individual like George W. Bush could be elected not once but twice. Some of these statements are completely absurd. especially the one praising Bush for defending America by sending some one else to do it. i do not believe that he was in such a rush when he was in the position to fight. And saying that Ed is spoiled and even comparing his capabilities and understandings to a person like Bush is ridiculous. If anyone is spoiled it is the Conn./"Texan" who like his father was born with a silver foot in his mouth. Ed Vedder is a great songwriter as well as a tremendous vocal performer, and if some of you people would read some of the lyrics he writes before drawing your own shallow conclusions you might move closer to his level.
Free the West Memphis Three
and rock on Ed!!!!!!!!!!