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Two weeks ago today, Alan and I launched Command Post with no great expectations.

We reached the mark of one million visitors just a few moments ago.

We have over 50 contributors who make the site what it is, and I'd like to thank every one of them, as well as every one of you who stop by to see what's new at the post.

I'm seeing some long time dreams realized by venturing into this. It's been hard work, but that good kind of work that makes you feel useful, productive and proud of what you are doing.

So, thanks to all. We've got lots more in store for you.


On behalf of myself and all the people at work and outside of work who now daily are informed because of you and you're efforts thanks muchly.

You are my 3rd favorite Yankee fan.

Watch out McDonalds... Here comes Command Post...

I'm sure you're gratified to see a great idea bear fruit, Michele. Keep up the good work. Oh, and thanks.

You and Alan have done a stellar job.

Congratulations, Michele. You're amazing.

Congrats to your Command Post bloggers-in-arms, too.


I love the way command post constantly beats major networks 4 hour news cycles.

I've been trying to rig my counter to say 2 million, but they're on to me.

Conga rats, Michele!

Great job!

Hoo-rah for Michele and Alan!

Well spank my ass and call me Judy. Good job kids!

Thank you for all the hard work you have put into the Command Post.

Congratulations to both you and Alan for accomplishing so much so fast!

The fact that I have contributed a few posts brings me great pride - I can only imagine how happy you are at the success!

I have no idea how you guys hold it all together over there, but you do, and it's amazing to watch. Congratulations!

Congrats -- a muchly deserved achievement!

Great job everyone.

Oh, and, its been a great investment over at blogshares for me.


I Knew U was goin places when
I peeked under...umm latched
aholta yer skirts

Command Post is the best source of info and I am happy that you are now covering North Korea. Take care and keep up the good work. By the way, how much free time both you and I have left?

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France remains an adversary of the United States.

Even if its protracted effort to prevent a united U.N.
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Now the Chirac government is furious about American
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administer Iraq.

Meanwhile the French people have acted without shame.

British press reports indicate some French have now
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** Le Figaro, another major daily in Paris, interviewed
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