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i heart jim treacher


That will lead you to Ken Layne, which will lead you to this which will explain everything. Maybe. But don't forget to look at this. We have a winner.


Americans telling a truth at least! Why as it hurt, you cannot admit the Bush tries start Tacobell in Baghdad? Serve babie meat borritos? Wake out, idiots!

"Why as it hurt, you cannot admit the Bush tries start Tacobell in Baghdad? Serve babie meat borritos? Wake out, idiots!"

Y'know, people would actually pay attention to you if you weren't frothing so much at the mouth...

"Why as it hurt, you cannot admit the Bush tries start Tacobell in Baghdad? Serve babie meat borritos? Wake out, idiots!"

You know, that's a true expression of the soul of the anti-war movement - incoherent, senseless - it says it all.

Can I quote you, Puce?

Mm....baby meat burritos. Hope they serve them without lettuce, though!

I think WAKE OUT IDIOTS is going to be my new catchphrase.

Dictator Bush as hope Sadam will not stop of imperialist! Down with all American.

Puce, what planet are you from? The same planet as the Democratic Underground People? Or the Indymedia idiots?

Bush is NOT a dictator. Saddam WAS.

You say down with American. What country are you from? France? Germany? Russia? The land of Nod?

Americans RULE!

Typacal USA sayings! Eat more food with shoot gun!

You didn't answer my questions, wanker.

Where are you from? They don't eat food where you live? They don't have guns in pigfucker land?

I bet you're a socialist.

Puce - are you trying to be a joke? I mean, wake out, idiot, your syntax would be weird in any language...

It doesn't matter. You're a parody of the typical clueless anti-war type, whether you want to be or not.

'Eat more food with shoot gun'?

I as makes all USA ladies for my harem. Smash all capatilist Starbock and Mountian Do.

I think I am in love.

Come and take me, Puce. We shall run naked through America smashing Starbucks and other facist companies.

And then we will have dirty sex.

starbock... wasn't that a character on battlestar galactica?

erin grey... mmmm.

no, no rhino, erin grey was on buck rogers, (beedy beedy beedy)

hey puce, if your ISP is hitler.com doesnt that make you a fascist?

I as heart puce! I as want moore puce!

Puce is saticiral geenyus! Make all u Amercians show as stuupad as u rally ARE! Puce nose the TROO MEENING of piece movmant, goose rite to HART of what acvitists RALLY want to say! Long Live Puce!

Puce is something special. Those of you treating him as the incarnation of your straw man of a leftist are missing out. He's not a typical lefty--Puce isn't a typical ANYTHING.

He's not a troll. He's THE TROLL, and that's Mister Troll to you, punk.

The only real question is: What's the hidden structure? His articles are the sort of thing that you'd get by following some arbitrary rule that to some extent governs your word choice and spelling.

Maybe it's something as simple as a looped machine translation (english->some other language->back to english) with some misspellings sprinkled in.

I wonder if his work might be anagrams of the articles to which he's repsonding or on which he's commenting. That'd explain a lot.

Whatever it is, I bet there's SOME rule involved. My spidey sense goes crazy when I read him, and I'll be kicking myself when I figure out what it is.

Whatever he's doing, I love it.

All your base are belong to Puce!

Hey Puce:

All your base are belong to us!