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an interview i can live with

John Hawkins of Right Wing News interviewed both myself and Emily Jones last night.

It was better than CNN would have been and I got to say "Eason Jordan slept with Saddam!"

And I was wearing a leather dress.

Read the transcript.


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Great interview! You all sounded sane, sober, sincere and like the voice of reason. Like a breath of fresh air after hearing all of the 'anti-war' crowd blathering on and on. Thank you.

Great inverview! But...1) I wanna see the leather dress, and 2) Jessica Lynch is from WV, which is not really a midwestern state

Why is it that wing nuts are obsessed with Peter Arnett? I would worry more about a reporter that potentially revealed tactical information, including troops positions and movements which actually put the lives of American soldiers at risk.

Oh, I forgot, because that reporter works for Fox News and that would violate Ronald Reagan's commandment about not speaking ill of thy fellow conservative. Even if it gets some poor grunts killed.

Rev, pardon me but you are an IDIOT.

Asking one question about Arnett is not obsessing.

And had you bothered to read the whole interview, you would have seen the question about Geraldo and our answers that stated he should not be a news reporter.

Good interview, but for me to read it
is rather like preachin to the choir.

I really liked reading while imagining
you in black leather until the end
when I was left with a visual
of Sodom crossing over Jordan.

You were wearing a black leather dress? How cruel of you not to tell me at the time. And to think I showed up for the thing naked.

Damn, I didn't realize this was the naked interview!

We are going to have to do this again, just to get it right.

I guess I should have left the joke I made about having a threesome in the interview... =D