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our new addition

Where have I been, you ask?

Out getting my Mother's Day present, I answer.

No, not the GameCube. Even better than that. I got this.


Excuse me while I go set this baby up.


Very nice! Maybe I need to reconsider that "no kids" thing if I can get cool gifts like that. ;-)

It's so terrible that you didn't get what you wanted... :)

Sheesh, I get flowers! You must be one helluva Mom!!

I'm so jealous. Dude, I want a DVD burner so bad I can taste it. Mostly because I want to burn 'The Complete Reverend Mykeru's Comments On A Small Victory - Volume One', and it won't fit on a regular CD-R.


Now you need to add this to your wish list

Whooo! Very nice indeed.

That's RIGHT! Who needs a Gamecube?

Oh my God you got a Vaio?

Dude, you should have gotten a Dell. :-D

Or a 17" PowerBook...

AUTHOR: Stephanie
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WHat she said.. pretttttty

Revarend most typist, words as allscreen, fatty yanks try? Lose anothar!

I love those flat screens.

You should have tried for both!

Gee Wilikers
What The Hell IZZAT?
a dish washer / color TV ???
It looks like one o dem pooter thingies?
I heared they was all the rage.
But I wooda gotcha sumtin GOOD
like a new Whirlwind Super #500XZ
self propelled Vacuum cleaner !

Mmmmmm...sweet Sony goodness.

Hmmm...reformat the OS and then you'll be good. :) OEM's put too much crap in it

Oooo! Jealous! That thing is beautiful.

Nice looking rig.

Try out some hobby sites next time and build your own. Cheaper, very easy, and teaches you something.

The Vaio is (generally) a pretty decent setup regardless, so its not like you made a bad decision. Might want to pick up some new speakers though (just from the pic), I'd recommend anything from Klipsch (or spelled something like that).

We already own a Vaio, which is why we bough this one.

(Note: We bought just the tower, not the monitor as we had no need for another monitor)

We have great (Altec) speakers, complete with sub-woofer.

Very nice indeed. I wanted a Vaio, but I ended up going with a Copmaq Presario instead.

"Whatever you said Puce, i'm........sure you meant it." He said, confusion tingling his voice.

yak: Or a 17" PowerBook...

I'd like to agree with you here, but remember the criteria. She said she was looking for a gaming system, so naturally she bought a Windows-based PC.


Heh, even Puce weighed in, and words from Puce are words of praise indeed. Or, well, they're words anyway. Or something resembling words.

Yeah, PCs are great for gaming, because everyone needs all of the Deer Hunter sequels on their computer. : )