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american bureaucracy

I just don't have what it takes to get all the Department Head stuff together tonight. I'll work on it tomorrow. Just pretend your applications and nominations are wallowing in a sea of red tape fillibusters right now. It will seem more....real.

Besides, your president-to-be is busy watching the wretched performances on American Idol. Holy blandness, batman!


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Are you NUTS?!?!?! Other than that horrid Josh they've all been pretty great. OK wait, that Kimberly wasn't too great. But my boy Clay kicked some ass!

Dude. No freaking WAY.

Kimberly was the only one who did anything for me tonight.

Ruben has been a one-note performance.
Clay still has a shot.


Just be careful with the pretzels...

clay was awesome. he's so cute. but kimberly kicked some serious ass on that last song she did.

Clay was fucking awesome.

In fact, I'd rank 'em like this:

1) Clay
2) Kim
3) Trenyce
4) Ruben
5) Josh

Ruben's first song was weak. The judges are just too in love with him to have noticed.

Josh needs to go.

Clay totally blew me away with the second song. I'd put them in the same order as Dean.

Josh is so gone tomorrow night.

Josh better be so gone. The rest were pretty excellent.

I think I agree with Dean's ranking too, though not sure about Trenyce over Ruben.

kinda strange but i liked kimberly more in the beginning but lately she's been getting on my nerves. i prefer her doing judy garland. i thought trynece was much better. and as far as i'm concerned that drag comment that simon made was a compliment.

Dean called it. Clay impressed the hell out of me. Josh, on the other hand, was being quite a dick.

Sore loser.

You obviously need a Minister of Information (Press Secretary) for your campaign. Since wKen has dropped out, my services are available.

Infidels! There was not a TV within 100 meters of our glorious President's living room. She was working very hard to select the proper Department Ministers. When she is finished, she will tell you, and those who doubt her diligence shall be pummeled with the sneakers of doom.

Josh is gone