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i'm a little acorn....

Squirrel chased girl up tree

Firemen in Germany had to rescue a terrified 10-year-old girl after she was chased up a tree by a squirrel...The squirrel made so much noise and was so aggressive the 10-year-old climbed further up the tree to try and get away, but the squirrel followed her.

Silly girl, that's how you attract a squirrel - climb a tree and act like a nut!

I apologize for the lame joke. Blame my father.


A squirrel once jumped in my car, and I had no idea how to "convince" it to exit my vehicle. It was a truly traumatic experience.

Bad bad bad joke.





Your title - "I'm a little acorn..." - reminds me of the poem I haven't heard in ages:

I am a little acorn,
that fact is plain to see.
But remember that the mighty oak...

...was once a nut like me!

I find it hard to believe that the girl was German. She had to have been French. HAD to have been.

I mean, c'mon... a squirrel?



Maybe she figured if Rocky the Squirrel was chasing her, a jealous Bullwinkle wasn't too far behind?

Face it man, the squirrels are all just communists, waiting for the right moment to strike.

Sounds a bit pervy if you ask me... Squirrel going after her shoes? And only satisfied after it makes her cry? Very suspicious... I wonder if it had a little squirrel gimp suit and high heels at home...

That was effing hilarious.

An oldie but goodie.