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a new low in mets fandom

My father is out of his mind.

I wouldn't know what it's like to be a Met fan. I'm a fan of that other team in New York. You know, the one with all the World Series titles? The one that plays in the Bronx? Yea, that's them. 21-6. Suck it up, Dad.

Yes, that is really sitting on my parents front lawn.

But you already knew my father tends to get a little over the top about the Mets.


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OMG... i love your dad, that's fucking awesome!!!!!

Go Dad! The Yankees are evil! (So are the Red Wings and the Lakers)

Might not like one of The Onion's suggestions for helping the budget crisis.

Seems kind of trivial to me, but then I'm a Cubs Fan.

Sorry, Michele, but my Cards just swept yo' Daddy's Mets in two bitch-slappings and a squeaker. All good Americans hate the Mets and pray for Allah to freeze the blood in their veins. Oh, wait...this post is for Little Green Footballs.

And Windrider, isn't the Cubs' annual slide scheduled to begin about now?

I could use your dad's advice. Brooke and I are heading into exactly the same situation.

My poor metropolitans...

Piazza said in this month's Playboy that he prefers Trojan Large condoms.

What does his boyfriend think?

Obviously the brains reside with the women of your family.

Hey, Dan, I watch your back if I were you!

I'm with you, Dan. hahaha...

Mets?! points and laughs :-)

As a diehard Red Sox fan, I am deeply, deeply offended by the mere presence of anything that says Mets on a site I link to.

If you don't remove it immediately, I will be forced to dramatize and ceremoniously delink you.

This is funy.. I thought of you when I was watching Friends last night. A girl wanted Joey to take her to the Met.
His answer, 'The Mets suck.. You want to see the Yankees.'
'No, not the Mets.. The Met.. Singular.'
'Which one?? They all suck..'
I thought it was funny.

Rob: I saw that too and laughed....(Although admittedly I do not watch Friends much. I think I tripled my number of Friends episodes seen last night, since there were THREE episodes on.)

gawd i LOVE that story...LOL!!

I will marry your wife