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why do they even bother?

Hey, I think they are making a movie about Punisher's retarded brother!


And I thought Dolf Lundgren was bad!

At least he's got the skull on his shirt this time. Eh, I'd give it a chance. It can't be any worse than Fantastic Four.

I already used this line somewhere else, but what the hell. That guy doesn't look like he could punish my grandmother.

Actually, I'm looking forward to Fantastic Four. With the FF, what they're doing is a "Hard Day's Night"-esque movie about the world's "most famous superheroes." It sounds like a lot of fun.

UGH! I still have a bad taste in my mouth thinking about the last Punisher movie.

Is getting a guy that actually looks like Frank Castle that difficult? What? Is Steven Segal (or any other dark haired brooding actor) too busy?

Can't possibly be as bad as that "Nick Fury" movie that I made the mistake of watching on Sci-Fi awhile back.

Adam Baldwin. Not a huge fan of the Baldwins in general, but he really impressed me in Firefly. And he can play smart characters, too.

I'm going to reserve judgment on this, because I had doubts about Spiderman's casting and was pleasantly surprised.

Just have to keep my fingers crossed...

That ain't Frank Fucking Castle. Frank's a massive man who tears through hundreds of men on his sixty and guts the last of them with his hunting knife... that guy wouldn't be able to lift a sixty or push a knife through skin.

I didn't mind Dolph that much... but at least it wasn't Vin Diesel...

I'm not looking forward to Fantastic Four, because they're going to mess with Doctor Doom's origin.
Why can't people learn from the success of "Spiderman", where they kept close to the comic for many essential plot elements?

Oh well. Maybe there will be someone as attractive as Jennifer Garner in "Punisher", since that was the only bright spot for "Daredevil".

I hope this punisher movie doesn't fuck up. Its one of only a few comics I read and I've really been looking forward to this movie. Hopefully Thomas Jane will be what Hugh Jackman was with wolverine. Hearing John Travolta is involved makes me worry, and they better not try to appeal to everyone by adding some bitch to follow Frank around playing the strong woman "I'm coming with you!"role. And keep the rap music the fuck out of it too...but other than that I'm all set.