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spongebob no pants?

Did you know today is No Pants Day?

I am so in. As soon as I get home from DJ's baseball game, that is. I don't want to get arrested and spoil the fun I have planned for tonight.

So get your best panties on, shave those legs and get ready to celebrate.

I'm already imagining the things we can do tonight.

What? Aren't you?

Thanks to Robyn for the heads up


We're in, I'm sure of it! ;-)

Oh my! As soon as i get home i'm closin' the blinds and callin my bf! Tee hee!

Great idea, but unfortunately the whole "no pants day" concept loses most of its appeal if the only person you're likely to be seeing without pants is yourself...

Ooooh...Good idea! :)

hell no i'm not participating with this fat ass, BUT CAN I WATCH?????

Hey Baby, that is me EVERY Friday!! Every day for that matter...hmmm, do I have a problem?

I am, currenlty, without pants.

What makes the hottentot so hot?
What puts the ape in apricot?
What do they got that I ain't got?

What the heck is that guy in the picture wearing?

They look like Underoos!!!

Yall r nast and gross. I don't like the way yall talk.Peace