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the first adventure

Talk about nostalgia. Lair posts about Atari games today and asks what our favorite game was. Here's mine.

If you have to ask, you're too young to remember.

You can play the game here. Watch that duck. He's evil.

Yes, it was a duck. I've seen dragons and that chicken/duck thing was no dragon. Dragucken?


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Wow... I remember carrying a sword, getting eaten by one dragon, slaying it from inside the dragon, then slaying the others while inside it.

We called the Chalice "The Chillis" and the Catacombs were the Cathecisms.

We'd play "Trap the bat" and lock him in a castle.

oh, man. now all they have to do is come up with Flash simulators for Stampede, Canyon Bomber, and Pifall and i'm set.

I want one for Superman.

There was a stunt you could pull involving an invisible object deep in the black castle (that you needed the bridge to find), the magnet, the bat, and the bridge. It would let you see a secret screen that told you the name of the game's creator, which I remember as "Warren Robinet."

I think that yellow duck's name is Yorkle.

I used to play River Raid w/ my dad for hours

Whoa -- complete & total timewarp. Thanks for pointing it out, Michele...with this link, you've REALLY earned that "community service" award that you received the other day. ;-)

Today is my 40th birthday. You've transsported me back some 28 (or more) years with this post. From a 12 year old trapped in the body of a 40 year old, thank you. (In case it's not obvious, this was my favorite, game, ever, for the Atari).

Dragucken? A chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a dragon?

I bet those are really popular with MUD nerds.

heh. hehehehehe.


I believe that spaced invaders was the coolest!

Haunted House was my favorite Atari game. I also had other games but I can't recall their titles... well, except for Space Invaders of course _

Ah, Adventure! I remember thee well...(hailed to be the first game with an Easter Egg).

Tank! I remember many a wasted hour in my friend's basement with Invisible tanks in an invisible maze, firing shells that'd bounce off the walls and destroy their own gunner... Mmmmmmmm...

BTW: There's a cheap (I think 15$) system consisting of a mock-up atari controler with AV cables coming from it that you hook up to your TV that has something like 10 games built into it...

A magnet... THAT's what that bloody thing was. I dragged it into Black Castle only to find my sword kept sticking to it. Huh. :)

"I say, come on fhqwhgads, say come on, fhqwhgads..."

Oh! Adventure was my favorite game. I played it for hours. Thanks for the link !

Ms. Pac Man is my current favourite Atari game. I hold our house high score right now. My roommate and I occasionally battle each other to see who can top who.