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sperm: the final frontier

As usual, I had a million things to write about this morning (Meryl rumors, Bloomberg hating, school issues and LARS disease - all of which will be covered later), but due to an emergency of epic proportions, i.e, missing cleats, it will all have to wait.

Instead, I will leave you with this gem of a phrase found in a news item this morning:

But in March, according to Marcy Shatner's lawsuit, the semen-exchanging relationship with [William Shatner] her former spouse turned "unacceptable."

And they were talking about horse semen.

Do with that what you will. I'm leaving for work.


She's just damn lucky she didn't end up in the pool.

Rod Stewart, call your office.

Well, technically, you still wrote about a million things. Probably a few hundred million things.