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from the ex parte bin

I don't often write about what goes on at work, but I feel compelled to say one thing today.

If you are going to write a letter to a judge in an effort to convince him that he should not send your drunk-driving, girfriend-impregnating, unemployed, substance abuser son to jail, the fact that said child is a "potential professional poet" is really not going to sway your case.


I guess i'm pretty much fucked then, huh? :)

I thought "if the love glove don't fit, you must acquit." "If he blows point one-oh, you must let him go." 'If he's out smoking dope, you must cut him some rope."

If being a potential poet isn't enough to free some poor misunderstood child, then what possibly could..? Bunch of facists.. :)

I heart pro se plaintiffs.


I ran into a good one at work a while back -- guy acting as his own defense on his appeal:

1) tried to get a restraining order against both the judge and prosecutor at his original trial who were "imposing themselves sexually in [his] dreams" (his solution? require both women to wear tin-foil hats at night)

and 2) filed a motion for modification of sentencing that said, since he'd confessed to more crimes than he was convicted for, his 9 year sentence should really be 6666 years (?).

I still haven't decided if he was really that crazy, or just bucking for leniency...